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Monday, 31 March 2014

Walking the Streets of Cedar`

Well Just as the title implies, On friday the Missionary over the cars ond housing called us on Friday and said "We are taking your car for 6 weeks" WHAT???? Hmmm well it's for a good cause. The sisters in St george got crashed into and their car is in for repairs and because they share the car with another set of sisters we now have to WALK. Which was ok cause we were having great weather and Its great time to practice afrikaans while my comp prictises Portuguese (or as one of the families we teach says: Africanese and Brazilianese) In other words it takes us double the time to have a conversation lol but its good fun, I think I am slowly picking it up to understanding - NOT speaking.

So this week was slow, real slow cause I was a bit sick. So we saw our Colorado Baptism and He is now not sure if he can do it on the 12th cause he cannot get a plane ticket cheap enough. so we may move that one back but wow he is so ready and prepared for the gospel the elders in colorado have done a superb job. (Though he did go through 3 sets) But thats ok. The Church is still true.

So I was completely out of action on wednesday even though we had one lesson with a Recent convert but I could not do any more. And really feels unproductive. But sister allred cleaned the apartment and made me some chicken soup - yup I ate soup - been eating alot more of it out here, not too bad, still not my favoutite meal though. Thursday we had a SUPER great district meeting where we got to do some good role plays and sister allred was able to train us on using the pamphlets - we have not been able to put alot of the training into practise but its getting there I think.

Friday (besides getting our car taken away) was a GOOD day!!! We were able to teach 2 less actives and the members are so kind and feel sorry for us when we are out walking in the wind and gave us a ride - TENDER MERCIES cause we did not plan the day around walking - we planned having a car. Anyhow, we then had a lesson with one of our investigators that has a learning disability and so its been quite slow in teaching her - we are so used to asking questions the whole time to understand someones current beliefs but when we ask her questions she either says that she wants to know what we think or we go off on a completely different topic that has nothing to do with the lesson but she somehow see it as relating. But this time we taught simple and clear - using the pamphlet sort of and teaching her how to pray and really getting to the doctrine and it was so perfect and I asked if she would be interested in being baptized - she said that she would have to pray about it but she indicated that she felt a sense of belonging and a warm feeling in her heart as I invited her - we may need to teach her more about the holy ghost. But we were so excited! we actually made progress with her. Now to tackle her smoking addiction.

Then we contacted a house with a teenage girl who really wants to be baptised but she is never home so finally made contact with the parents who will help us set it up :) Super excited!!!

Now for the Funny part of the week. So we set up a time with this guy that wants to get baptised that lives in a motel at the moment, anyway so we go for our apointment (and we made it on time thanks to some members who felt sorry for us again - luckily cause it was on the other side of town, yet close to where we live) And well he was not there but he left us a note on a PAPER PLATE:

Funny Huh? It was EPIC!

Well we wanted to get sis Allred camera to also take pics but that was back at the apt so we walked back and luckily we were walking cause we started talking to some less actives that want to get back to church and sealed in the temple. And then we we got back to the motel the sign was GONE!!! WHAT??? I wanted to keep that... But there was a light on inside... So I wanted to knock on the door and see if they would answer.... grrr

Anyway walking has been crazy it snowed a bit yesterday and ag just been crazy.

hopefully going to meet a black south african who is feeling a bit home sick soon (if all goes well we do hope to start teaching her but we not even sure where she lives.) 

Conference is coming up I hope you all have your questions ready for a spiritual feast this weekend! I know we are! 

REad the first talk given of last conference about general conference.

But got to go - Feeding sheep today :)

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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