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Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring up to CEDAR WEST

AS the title implies I am officially in Cedar and Spring time is approaching and we experience loosing an hour of our day :( literally... Time change!!! I'm sorta glad I'm not in Kiabab for that one reason that you would always have to tell people we are doing things at 5UT/4AZ Always had to put t\2 times in there. crazy. But I don't have to worry about that anymore :P Now I just have to worry about my lack of sleep!

Last Monday was just full of tears! I did not want to leave the sisters there that I had gotten close to and something else real special happened. So there is this lady with a non member husband. He grew up in the church sorta but missed the group baptism they would have in those days. well he is not a church going man but he thinks that ALL kids should go on a mission after school. Well he is a great guy and the best way that we get to talk with him is at dinner but he seems to be picky with who he likes cause last time he did not eat with the missionaries. and we went there for dinner on monday to kinda say goodbye, now I had only seen him on 3 occasions prior. but he is such a great man! I love him. And her! She surprised me with making MILKTART!!! Man I miss the taste of that stuff! It was not perfect, it was a bit lumpy and graham crackers are a bit more sweet than tennis biscuits but it tastes like home. And I cried it was just too awesome. then he was crying. It was just too special! I will never forget him!

I LOVE Cedar, Maybe not as much as Kaibab but I think it will come. It was so fun I was able to go on the transfer VAN!!! Whoohoo!!! Was so much fun! My trainer was also transferred outbound (Which normally does not happen) but she went up to Moroni! (Land of the Turkeys) lol So that should be fun for her haha so I will include pictures seperately.

So I sent the day with Sister Massengale and Sister Allred (my new comp) till the transfer van came back to pick Sister Massengale up. We had a jam packed day as sister M was saying goodbye to everyone. But it was good, I got to meet alot of poeple they were  working with and now I am working with. But we found out that our car would be taking away from us for a week cause some elders needed it more than we do... so I drove for a total of 5min then it was walking. and wow that was an experience. Though it does help to get to know the area a bit. it does not however help when we have dinner in Hamilton Fort (the far out area that justifies us having a car) EVERY NIGHT. Thank goodness the elders called us on thursday and said we could have our car back. But our car needs to go in and be fixed cause there are a lot of issues with it. But we will see what happens. But I love driving!!! I thought that it would be a shelp to drive cause I have been passenger this whole time. But its good! I love driving! Utah drivers are crazy though, and it was a bit of a shock coming from lil kanab to driving in Big Cedar. We went on a tour of Hamilton fort last week, we were trying to find this one house but we just kept on going and going, it was getting draker and darker and the roads would not make any sense. (cause it all works on co ordinates... or the grid system) well it is strating to make more sense now that it is everywhere and I am starting to catch where N E S W are. But these roads would just end... anyway was an adventure... still don't know where the house is though. will try from the other end.

So my new companion!!! Sister Allerd!!! No not from the polygimst Allreds. She is originally from Utah, Moved to New York!!! How cool!! So that is where she is originally from but just before she went to the MTC her family moved to Southern Utah!!! What? Well her call is originally to Santos, Brazil! she is an amazing missionary! I love her to bits! But she found out last week that her visa has been approved now they are just waiting for delivery/collection or something. Well that kinda means that she will be shipped off to brazil probably next transfer. Well we get along real great! We are trying to work on her Portuguse this transfer to get her ready to go to brazil. So you may be thinking what about her parents being only like 2 hours from where she is currently serving??? Well she got reassigned here after they had moved so I think she is needed in this part of the world for a reason!

Well its crazy here. I cover one more ward than in Kiabab (7+1). The Cedar west family stake. well with one Single Adult ward (31-45). Its really fun. We don't teach YSA but, we had a YSA girl who wanted to be taught by sisters and so sisters have been teaching her. She is so great Her name is Mayra (Said Myda) And so she had her baptism this last sunday. She was so prepared! the spirit was SUPER strong at the baptism, even before she was in tears the whole time. We managed to get some pictures in. And like the whole track team came to support her.

Well the work is a bit slow in these parts, but we have a solid investigator that we are going to pick up this week!!! We are super excited!

Well unfortunately its that time again. Time is up. Hope I can say more next week about Zone Conference that we are having :) 

Love you all! 

Challenge: Read and Apply Elder S Gifford Nielsons talk - Hastening the Lords Game plan! 

And see what you can do to help the work progress!
All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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