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Monday, 3 March 2014

"Snot en Trane"

Well we got transfer calls on Saturday.. Aaaaaaand I LEAVING :'( And yes there was much tissue used for my "snot en trane" But it was the perfect way to end my time out here! So I will be heading to CEDAR CITY WEST!!!! And I will be trading places with Sister Massengale who came out with me.

And I need to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures as I have left it at home. Been packing ALL morning and all evening so things are being misplaced all over!

So this week was great! Monday we went shopping at the Thrift store again and I got a few cute skirts and a cute top!! (Don't ask me where I am going to fit it all) I have accumulated way too much stuff in the space of 6 months at least I have bought a duffel bag to help out.

Otherwise we have been pretty busy. Tuesday was a bit of a disaster though! All our apts fell through before dinner (actually dinner fell through too), and we were stressing what we should do for the evening cause we were teaching in moccassin and there was a ward activity happening so a member invited one of our investigators to that and thats cool, she is on date for baptism and its good for her to be with the ward. Well she was told that the activity started at 6... But NO it only started at 6 30 and she was there a bit early. she was also told that it was a dinner. But NO it was just a talk about letting go. So like everything went wrong. But we were able to speak to her a bit before the activity (we were not able to stay cause we had some other apts) But we were in shock cause she was reading from this book she found at the thrift store about the second coming and the millennium. She also had read to ch 7 in the book of mormon. One thing that stood out to her in the book she bought was that she needed to pay tithing in order to obtain the celestial kingdom. So we gave her a tithing pamphlet. We should have committed her to live the law of tithing, but we were too scared. But anyway then we rescheduled a time for friday (which she did not go to... But then she was At CHURCH for all 3 HOURS!!! WHAT?? She surprises me EVERY DAY!) Well the rest of the evening was less stressful but we were able to teach Yvette and her brothers and Judith! Judith is so amazing!! she has many great questions. Deep questions!!! But she needs to start coming to church more regularly. I will truly miss her though. She gets so excited and just wants to learn more. but it is all in the Book of Mormon but she is not reading that either.... Sigh I know sister Hee will work hard with her though! She is ready just need to take that step of faith sometimes.

Well the rest of the week was less eventful in a way, except we had Zone training and we found out that our mission will probably not get facebook or iPads anytime soon cause we need to use the rescourses at our fingertips. Like the Members - we have sooo many members we need to use them MORE. We also have Preach my gospel and The District and They are really encouraging us to use it more and more in our teaching. rumour has it that the way we teach is going to change a bit - they want the lessons to be shorter and more powerful. I LOVE PMG but I know I have to repent and use it more and more! After Zone training we had exchanges again and it really was well worth it! I stayed in my area and Sister Hee went to Washinington feilds. I had sister sordes again. I love her so much!!! We have alot in common. Though she had to wait 10 MONTHS before she could come out on her mission!!! took her THAT long to get her Visa. (And I complained about the 6 months I had to wait)

Well It was crazy this week. On Wednesday we taught Sue and Jim the Word of Wisdom. we were a bit late because Jim had just recently quit coffee and alcohol and he quit smoking a long time ago. Sue on the other hand has NEVER had a problem with any of these things!!! She even is drinking ROOIBOS TEA!!!!! She is importing them from Swanson. But seriously!!!! I know I was meant to meet SUE!! we swapped tea to taste and things... she says mine tastes fresher lol I love Red Bush Tea!!!! But I miss Rusks and Green Cream Soda and Lichi Juice and Indian Curry... And really missing rice. All Potatoes....

Ahh there is still sooo much that I wanna say about Melissa and But time is almost up and I have to get packing so I can still say goodbye to some people. But know that Kiabab is a WONDERFUL Place with many many GREAT and marvelous people I wish all could experience what I have experienced.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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