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Monday, 27 October 2014


Well this was a good week indeed!! So I think in every mission the mission sets standards of what key indicators (lessons and New investigators etc) that we need to achieve to reach "Standards of Excellence" And Sister Eyers and I did it this week!!! It was such a great feeling! and when you make standards your name gets put in the weekly newsletter for the mission. We really worked our butts off this week to get it. So Standards are:
New Investigators x 2
Total Lessons x 22
Less Active and Investigators at Church x 5
On Date for Baptism x 3

We got:
New Investigators x 3
Total Lessons x 22
Less Active and Investigators at Church x 15
On Date for Baptism x 6

How cool????? We worked really hard for it to happen! We saw many many miracles this week!

#1 There is one investigator that we have that we have had on date but have not met with him since I have been here. He is Hispanic and 17 years old. He also lives up in Springdale (30min) away. We FINALLY got to meet with him this week and he is really excited about his baptism, we did however need to choose a new date, and he said the most sincere prayer at the end of the lesson it was wonderful! He also went to church yesterday! 

#2 As we were driving from La Verkin to Toquerville we saw this man walking on the street... And sister Eyers goes: "I'm pretty sure that was Cyrell" But then she reasoned that it could not have been him cause he was supposed to be in prison... Then we left TQ and Headed back to LV and again we saw him walking at about the same place... and She says that HAD to be Cyrell! Well we eventually went to his grandmas house and found out that he is out and we taught him a lesson. This is such a humble man and such a great heart he has a few things he needs to work on but he is really in a place where he wants to learn and grow... slowly... But it was a miracle cause sis eyers taught him before and he was on the road to baptism but life got really hard and he made some bad decisions. We are really excited to teach him again.

#3 We picked up 2 new investigators this week. She has been investigating the church in another area where sister Hee (one of my previous companions) is serving - she was really excited that we found this lady - there were elders that started teaching her and she is interested in being baptized. She has cancer but is does not seem to be deadly. But her biggest vice is smoking. And the same goes for her boyfriend - who she is not living with and they both want to go to church and be baptized! We are really excited to teach them and try help them get to the waters of baptism they are GOLDEN! :)

#4 Picked up another new investigator - a Lady with an autistic son and ALL her concerns in life and about, I am pretty sure we could give her an answer from the message that we want to share with her. We think it might take a while with her but seeing all her concerns I am now very grateful for all the knowledge I have about the Gospel and about my Identity - being a child of God. And also knowing that I have a loving heavenly father that I can call on at any time.

#5 Our little old lady Vi. 88 Years old. She makes me laugh. Wow we saw her twice this week. she is a tough one to teach because she contradicts herself all the time. She wants to be baptized but she doesn't believe that there is one true church she believes that they are all true. We taught a powerful Restoration lesson (well when we could get a word in) but she didn't want to accept some of our invitations so we asked her, well why do you want to visit with us Vi? and she turned and looked at us in a side ways glance and said "Well, cause I like Ya" It is a fun experience. I will try add a quote from Vi each week. But one of our visits this week we were trying to teach her more about the apostasy and the Priesthood and how necessary and important they are. And it actually got to a point in the lesson that we wanted to drop her. Cause she did not want to go to church and she had read up to 4th Nephi in the BofM (Which happened in the space of about 3 days) and she said that she did not learn a thing from it, that there were too many wars and she didn't understand it. But to this day neither Sister Eyers or I can figure out what happened in the lesson but all of a sudden after trying and trying to resolve her concerns and inviting her to church, she said " Well I guess I am going to do it. I am going to church on Sunday." And we were like WHAT???? We and well one of her excuses was that she did not have church clothes. turns out she did have some and she looked great on sunday. We also got a call from her on saturday morning and she was so worried that she would not wake up in time to go to church so asked us to give her a call at 8am to make sure she would have enough time to get to church. We got a Fellowshipper to take her to church and when she got there it was the best thing. one of the reasons she did not want to go to our church was that she heard that we don't greet each other. And we re affirmed her that that was NOT the case. it was great when we could see everything happen where the bishop came and greeted her along with other counselors and other members of the ward. We sat in the second row of church - right in front of the sacrament table. when we sat sown she asked: " Is this were we go to church?", "Yes Vi this is the chapel.", "Then Why is there a casket over there (pointing at the sacrament table)" haha we explained what it was and it was great. And when we took her home the fellowshipper asked her is she would need a ride again next week. And she said "Yes, and every week after that" She also asked for her number in case Vi could not make it to church and she said "Well I don't know why I wouldn't make it unless the Lord Calls me."

I wish I could record everything she says - she is great we love her.

#6 WE spotted 2 new plates - South Dakota and Connecticut

I was in my element with this cute black kid :) Oh how I miss the culture in SA :) - She did not want to look at the camera...

On the road to Kolob:

Ok and one super great thing for Kanab. Sister Roth got resurrected (set apart again) and is now serving with her old companion sister Davis in her Greenie area of Kiabab. 

Time is up but I want to thank everyone for their love and support. Here is a cool quote I read this morning.

 "I pray because I can't help myself. … I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God. It changes me." C S Lewis

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
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Monday, 20 October 2014

Serving in "Zion"

Ok let's see if I can get all of the past two weeks summed up this week.

It's so great that I can laterally say I am serving in "Zion" We go up near Zion Nation Park every week which is a HUGE tourist attraction:

(The pictures don't do it justice)
 It fits in great with this little game I started for myself of the way down from huntington. I had heard this to be a fun road trip game in the states well in this area it's like a road trip all the time. So I started tring to find a Licence plate from every state. Well it has been quite an adventure! It started as a quite game that I was doing on my own to keep me entertained as I was driving then sister Eyers started helping me out trying to find them all and well now when we see a plate that looks unfamilair (especially when we go up to Springdale) we end up saying things like "FOLLOW THAT CAR!!!" haha it is way fun, and only sometimes distracting. But we have found all the western states, and as we were going through all the states to see which ones we still need to get we were thinking that we would not be able to find obscure states like Maryland or Dalaware and New Jersey Etc. BUT we HAVE found a few of them like
MARYLAND (On a day that we said we will never find maryland)
RHODE ISLAND (Which we found both of them an the same day!)
ALASKA (there are actually quite a few of those)
And the best of all we found HAWAII!!! WHATTT??? That is an island.... haha we thought at the beginging that we would write that one off and last week at cosco we found it!!! 
Well it is strating to slow down a bit but I hope we can find at least one new each week. We got Pennsylvania last week we have about 15 left to find. I do think I have become a pro at the western state plates I can glance and say where they are from. It has been quite a surprise though I think there are as many californians as there are utah'ns.

Anyway on other news Sister Eyers started doing something last week which I think is a great idea (I just need to humble myself a bit before I can do it.) she is doing a 40 day fast 
(similar to lent) to help her to be a more concentrated missionary. She started it with a fast (of food and water) to find out what 10 things she can "put on the altar" to become a more consecrated missionary so she can be a powerful missionary, and the idea is to abstain from these things for 40 days. I do think that Satan really did not want her to do this. On the day of the fast of food and water she faced many trails that day, it was a tough time for us both, but I think more so for her. Well we finally got our heads together and started battling one thing after the next. And we saw many miracles in overcoming each of those things. Then the next day was the day she was to start the 40 day fast and one of the things she decided to give up (which is probably the hardest thing for her) is Movie quoting. This sister can seriously quote the whole series of harry potter and almost all the disney movies. the first day was really tough for her but I have seen how it has been getting better. it is still hard though. I really admire her for doing this. I think I will start doing the same thing soon I just need a real desire to do it. I have heard of a few missionaries that have done in across the globe and have seen the blessings from it.

Speaking of 40 day fasts, we have challenged all the wards to participate in a 40 day fast so that one family each day for 40 days will fast for missionary opportunities and growth of the ward. A ward in Arizona did this and at the end of the 40 days their membership increased by 40 people: 3 families were baptized into the church and a few other families moved into the ward. What a miracle. many of the wards have started and I think we are starting to see the miracles come to pass. This week was incredible on Saturday we had a bit of a hard day - not being able to find anyone at home and lessons being cancelled. Well After dinner one of our ward mission leaders called us up and gave us a referral for a couple that are not members (but are related to members in his ward) that want to take the lessons :) - we hope that they are both non members - sometimes people get their facts mixed up because they are so inactive that they have never gone to church and seem to be non members. #UtahMissionProblems so we were soooooo excited!!! and still are we know of 3 other potential investigators this week. We are sooo excited! These are miracles of diligence and obedience and also from the fast that we had as a Zone last week for new investigators - unfortunately we don't think we will have any baptisms this month but our baptisms are looking good for novemeber we have 6 on date for baptism 5 in Nov and 1 in Dec (they may not all make it on these dates but we are really concentrating on getting them progressing).

We also met a wonderful family this week - they are just passing through and I forgot the pamphlet at home but see if you can google the "Jucan foundation". they are a fantastic family walking from "one magic kingdom to the next" from Disney land to Disney World. California to Florida. They are doing it one day at a time. They have an incredible story I wish we could have been a part of their cause. If you can please follow their story.

Anyway running out of time again but here is a great talk about Missionary Work and the Atonement By Elder Holland. I used parts of this in my talk yesterday (it was so strange I spoke in sacrament without my companion... apparently they do things a bit different in LaVerkin) Oh and I had to change my 10-15min talk to a 30 min talk cause everythign ended too quickly.

But all in all there were MANY miracles in LaVerkin this week. "All is well in Zion"

Love and Blessings to you all ;),

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Crazy Maddess

Well I am sorry to say I don't have alot of time this week But I really appreciate all the emails and love from everyone.

I have to apologize that I did not email on Monday but it was a public holiday and then we went on exchanges yesterday (with sister Calves from France) so today was the day where we could email. And we had a crazy morning so yeah. but a happy missionary is a busy missionary.


It is so great they have asked us to have one day a week where we use as a walking day. and I have a testimony of obedience and walking. We did not see many miracles from walking per say but it is a real great way to get to know your companion. Sister Eyers and I have been able to really get closer as we have done that.

So sister Eyers is a go getta. We are starting something big in La Verkin so we decided to organize an open house. It is going to be a big deal. WE are going to try have all the wards assigned to a room and auxiliary we have 12 wards so we have alot of areas to cover. We are really excited! We are going to call it "Come and See" (inspiration from Elder Bednars talk in General conference) If anyone has any ideas for an open house of getting an appeal for non members to come please drop me an email. We are really excited about it though.

Oh my goodness I have not time left this week I think I will put it all in next weeks email. 

But we saw miracles yesterday during exchanges we found a new investigator and I got a golden referral from a missionary serving in the Visitors Center which we are hoping to contact this week. 

Oh and So I have met sister Clark briefly before but we were able to take a pic together and guess what - we have the SAME necklace! it was so creepy yet so epic! We are BOTH proudly south african.... well she may be a bit more cause she has a thicker accent haha but it was great I was able to give her some south african goodies too! It was so great! 

Oh and new hair cut! With love from sister Eyers.

Well the time is far spent. 

Love you all. Here is a great mormon message you should all check out!
All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
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United States

Monday, 6 October 2014

La Verkin Madness

Wow What a WEEK!

We had a loooong drive to St. Geroge But I'm just glad Sister Schnider and I were able to see almost everyone that we wanted to see.
John!!! Looking Good!

So it's kinda funny we have had a lot of crazy things happen this week! First off When I got my transfer call they did not tell me that we would be in a trio. Well We were in a trio. We were "training" a Visa waiter for Taiwan. Her name is Sister Price. She's from Kansas and learning Mandarin Chinese and is so funny! At first it was a bit tough to be in a trio cause she had already been here for 2 weeks and so Sister Eyers and Price were already great friends and felt like I was intruding on a great relationship. Well we still became friends. Sister Price was supposed to stay with us for another 2 weeks. I have never been in a trio before so it was interesting but Just as I started getting used to it Sister Price got her visa!!! and she left on friday morning at 6am. It was just so crazy! But we got to watch her do a role play bike approach "talking with everyone" on the streets of Taiwan :D that was sooooo funny!!! I wish I could have learned more mandarin while she was here...

Anyway transfers have just been crazy. We don't have enough missionaries in our mission right now to keep all the areas open. (Hence why huntington closed) Do you remember my first area: Kiabab? Well my previous Companion Sister Davis is serving there and well they have now combined Kanab and Kiabab stakes and they are in a trio. And sister Davis has about 30 lessons a week and so she is going out with members now every day I am sure that it is pretty stressful. at least there are great members there that support us really well. I love that area. And they are in our district!! yay!! so I get to see her every week!

Well about my companion: Sister Eyers (said "Airs") From Nottingham England :) She has been on her mission for 9 months and is teaching ME alot about missionary work. I fell like I will grow alot as her companion and as we work together here. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan, Very Clean, great teacher, Doesn't Drive (which is kinda funny cause they made her designated driver and she doesn't have a drivers licence. lol) She was a hairdresser in her past life, and I feel like I need a change... Yup going much shorter methinks. AND we go running every morning! Ahhhh I am so excited - and usually dead tired every day. We are trying to run a mile everyday. We usually get to 3/4 mile and I give up. Good thing she has been able to be my motivation now to do more and be better and things. WE have also given us all deserts at dinners which I am really excited about (well sorta) I love desert but it is about time. else I will never lose weight. Sister Eyers has lost a stone (15lbs) by trying to eat healthier and running everyday (well except sundays and mondays) Its great! She also wants to learn Zulu so any tips and tricks? fun words or expressions? I have also learned to really set goals with sister Eyers. I hope that I can acheive my goals this transfer and that I can stick to this pattern for the rest of my life. I love her already! GREAT Missionary.

So good news!!! I think I may eventually loose a bit of my american accent... but it may change into a British accent.... haha

So about La Verkin, We cover 12 wards:
La Verkin 1-7
Toquerville 1-3

I have not seen all of our area just yet :| eeek. Its a big area and I think it is going to take a while to get used to. I can at least get us home  each night without needing directions. But it is an interesting experience. I am pretty glad to be ALOT closer to civilization. This is a good area though we have been teaching a lot of kids and we have 5 people on date for baptism right now. There is alot of excitment in this area and this is going to be a good week of teaching and finding! We have been a bit slow on finding but we hope that we can get back into the swing of things this week! 

Hope a lot of you were able to watch general conference. I heard in SA they are only going to watch it in Nov Officially. It was way good! I hope you all get to watch it and take questions to conference! Some of my favourite talks were from Elder Lynn G Robins (of the 70) Elder Chi Hong Wong (of the 70 - who spoke in Cantonese) Elder Jorg Kelbenagt (of the 70) Elder Holland and President Monson. These men are inspired from GOD. I love this work. I love General Conference.

Have you heard about the Meet the Mormons Movie Go here to find out more. We will be watching it for Zone Conference in Nov and I am soooooo excited!

Good luck to everyone this week!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States