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Monday, 27 October 2014


Well this was a good week indeed!! So I think in every mission the mission sets standards of what key indicators (lessons and New investigators etc) that we need to achieve to reach "Standards of Excellence" And Sister Eyers and I did it this week!!! It was such a great feeling! and when you make standards your name gets put in the weekly newsletter for the mission. We really worked our butts off this week to get it. So Standards are:
New Investigators x 2
Total Lessons x 22
Less Active and Investigators at Church x 5
On Date for Baptism x 3

We got:
New Investigators x 3
Total Lessons x 22
Less Active and Investigators at Church x 15
On Date for Baptism x 6

How cool????? We worked really hard for it to happen! We saw many many miracles this week!

#1 There is one investigator that we have that we have had on date but have not met with him since I have been here. He is Hispanic and 17 years old. He also lives up in Springdale (30min) away. We FINALLY got to meet with him this week and he is really excited about his baptism, we did however need to choose a new date, and he said the most sincere prayer at the end of the lesson it was wonderful! He also went to church yesterday! 

#2 As we were driving from La Verkin to Toquerville we saw this man walking on the street... And sister Eyers goes: "I'm pretty sure that was Cyrell" But then she reasoned that it could not have been him cause he was supposed to be in prison... Then we left TQ and Headed back to LV and again we saw him walking at about the same place... and She says that HAD to be Cyrell! Well we eventually went to his grandmas house and found out that he is out and we taught him a lesson. This is such a humble man and such a great heart he has a few things he needs to work on but he is really in a place where he wants to learn and grow... slowly... But it was a miracle cause sis eyers taught him before and he was on the road to baptism but life got really hard and he made some bad decisions. We are really excited to teach him again.

#3 We picked up 2 new investigators this week. She has been investigating the church in another area where sister Hee (one of my previous companions) is serving - she was really excited that we found this lady - there were elders that started teaching her and she is interested in being baptized. She has cancer but is does not seem to be deadly. But her biggest vice is smoking. And the same goes for her boyfriend - who she is not living with and they both want to go to church and be baptized! We are really excited to teach them and try help them get to the waters of baptism they are GOLDEN! :)

#4 Picked up another new investigator - a Lady with an autistic son and ALL her concerns in life and about, I am pretty sure we could give her an answer from the message that we want to share with her. We think it might take a while with her but seeing all her concerns I am now very grateful for all the knowledge I have about the Gospel and about my Identity - being a child of God. And also knowing that I have a loving heavenly father that I can call on at any time.

#5 Our little old lady Vi. 88 Years old. She makes me laugh. Wow we saw her twice this week. she is a tough one to teach because she contradicts herself all the time. She wants to be baptized but she doesn't believe that there is one true church she believes that they are all true. We taught a powerful Restoration lesson (well when we could get a word in) but she didn't want to accept some of our invitations so we asked her, well why do you want to visit with us Vi? and she turned and looked at us in a side ways glance and said "Well, cause I like Ya" It is a fun experience. I will try add a quote from Vi each week. But one of our visits this week we were trying to teach her more about the apostasy and the Priesthood and how necessary and important they are. And it actually got to a point in the lesson that we wanted to drop her. Cause she did not want to go to church and she had read up to 4th Nephi in the BofM (Which happened in the space of about 3 days) and she said that she did not learn a thing from it, that there were too many wars and she didn't understand it. But to this day neither Sister Eyers or I can figure out what happened in the lesson but all of a sudden after trying and trying to resolve her concerns and inviting her to church, she said " Well I guess I am going to do it. I am going to church on Sunday." And we were like WHAT???? We and well one of her excuses was that she did not have church clothes. turns out she did have some and she looked great on sunday. We also got a call from her on saturday morning and she was so worried that she would not wake up in time to go to church so asked us to give her a call at 8am to make sure she would have enough time to get to church. We got a Fellowshipper to take her to church and when she got there it was the best thing. one of the reasons she did not want to go to our church was that she heard that we don't greet each other. And we re affirmed her that that was NOT the case. it was great when we could see everything happen where the bishop came and greeted her along with other counselors and other members of the ward. We sat in the second row of church - right in front of the sacrament table. when we sat sown she asked: " Is this were we go to church?", "Yes Vi this is the chapel.", "Then Why is there a casket over there (pointing at the sacrament table)" haha we explained what it was and it was great. And when we took her home the fellowshipper asked her is she would need a ride again next week. And she said "Yes, and every week after that" She also asked for her number in case Vi could not make it to church and she said "Well I don't know why I wouldn't make it unless the Lord Calls me."

I wish I could record everything she says - she is great we love her.

#6 WE spotted 2 new plates - South Dakota and Connecticut

I was in my element with this cute black kid :) Oh how I miss the culture in SA :) - She did not want to look at the camera...

On the road to Kolob:

Ok and one super great thing for Kanab. Sister Roth got resurrected (set apart again) and is now serving with her old companion sister Davis in her Greenie area of Kiabab. 

Time is up but I want to thank everyone for their love and support. Here is a cool quote I read this morning.

 "I pray because I can't help myself. … I pray because the need flows out of me all the time, waking and sleeping. It doesn't change God. It changes me." C S Lewis

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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