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Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Missionary Portal

All I can think about lately is my Mission! About the type of people I am going to serve the places I will be serving in, If I will see snow (have a white Christmas even?)

In my mission pack they gave me a pin to access the "Missionary Portal"!!! It really is awesome!!! ( - FYI, But you do need a PIN to access it, which you will only receive with your call package) 

So they have shortened the time in the MTC to 2 week now instead of 3, they are now encouraging that you do a lot more prep before you leave. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Mission Call!!!!

Papers were a difficult story I eventually got everything together saw Bishop, same week saw President (Wednesday) and then I waited...

Turns out President only sent it 3 weeks later (busy man)... then they were waiting for official police clearance (cause I got another police clearance through a company - the process is the same but they didnt want it) - I thought that might be the case so went to Police station on 14/02/2013 and applied. Area Office then only sent my Bishop an email two weeks after saying they cant send it in, asked president to phone them about it - they said they just needed proof that I applied for it. So I had to go back to police station and get a letter saying I applied...... GASP.