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Monday, 6 October 2014

La Verkin Madness

Wow What a WEEK!

We had a loooong drive to St. Geroge But I'm just glad Sister Schnider and I were able to see almost everyone that we wanted to see.
John!!! Looking Good!

So it's kinda funny we have had a lot of crazy things happen this week! First off When I got my transfer call they did not tell me that we would be in a trio. Well We were in a trio. We were "training" a Visa waiter for Taiwan. Her name is Sister Price. She's from Kansas and learning Mandarin Chinese and is so funny! At first it was a bit tough to be in a trio cause she had already been here for 2 weeks and so Sister Eyers and Price were already great friends and felt like I was intruding on a great relationship. Well we still became friends. Sister Price was supposed to stay with us for another 2 weeks. I have never been in a trio before so it was interesting but Just as I started getting used to it Sister Price got her visa!!! and she left on friday morning at 6am. It was just so crazy! But we got to watch her do a role play bike approach "talking with everyone" on the streets of Taiwan :D that was sooooo funny!!! I wish I could have learned more mandarin while she was here...

Anyway transfers have just been crazy. We don't have enough missionaries in our mission right now to keep all the areas open. (Hence why huntington closed) Do you remember my first area: Kiabab? Well my previous Companion Sister Davis is serving there and well they have now combined Kanab and Kiabab stakes and they are in a trio. And sister Davis has about 30 lessons a week and so she is going out with members now every day I am sure that it is pretty stressful. at least there are great members there that support us really well. I love that area. And they are in our district!! yay!! so I get to see her every week!

Well about my companion: Sister Eyers (said "Airs") From Nottingham England :) She has been on her mission for 9 months and is teaching ME alot about missionary work. I fell like I will grow alot as her companion and as we work together here. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan, Very Clean, great teacher, Doesn't Drive (which is kinda funny cause they made her designated driver and she doesn't have a drivers licence. lol) She was a hairdresser in her past life, and I feel like I need a change... Yup going much shorter methinks. AND we go running every morning! Ahhhh I am so excited - and usually dead tired every day. We are trying to run a mile everyday. We usually get to 3/4 mile and I give up. Good thing she has been able to be my motivation now to do more and be better and things. WE have also given us all deserts at dinners which I am really excited about (well sorta) I love desert but it is about time. else I will never lose weight. Sister Eyers has lost a stone (15lbs) by trying to eat healthier and running everyday (well except sundays and mondays) Its great! She also wants to learn Zulu so any tips and tricks? fun words or expressions? I have also learned to really set goals with sister Eyers. I hope that I can acheive my goals this transfer and that I can stick to this pattern for the rest of my life. I love her already! GREAT Missionary.

So good news!!! I think I may eventually loose a bit of my american accent... but it may change into a British accent.... haha

So about La Verkin, We cover 12 wards:
La Verkin 1-7
Toquerville 1-3

I have not seen all of our area just yet :| eeek. Its a big area and I think it is going to take a while to get used to. I can at least get us home  each night without needing directions. But it is an interesting experience. I am pretty glad to be ALOT closer to civilization. This is a good area though we have been teaching a lot of kids and we have 5 people on date for baptism right now. There is alot of excitment in this area and this is going to be a good week of teaching and finding! We have been a bit slow on finding but we hope that we can get back into the swing of things this week! 

Hope a lot of you were able to watch general conference. I heard in SA they are only going to watch it in Nov Officially. It was way good! I hope you all get to watch it and take questions to conference! Some of my favourite talks were from Elder Lynn G Robins (of the 70) Elder Chi Hong Wong (of the 70 - who spoke in Cantonese) Elder Jorg Kelbenagt (of the 70) Elder Holland and President Monson. These men are inspired from GOD. I love this work. I love General Conference.

Have you heard about the Meet the Mormons Movie Go here to find out more. We will be watching it for Zone Conference in Nov and I am soooooo excited!

Good luck to everyone this week!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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