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Monday, 29 September 2014


So this week has been a tough one. Well all mainly because of transfer news. Wow. I have never been so stressed about transfers before. But I now know why. We got our call Saturday morning before the end of our personal study from the assistants. And the call went something like this:

AP: "Are you ready for your transfer call?"
Me: "No...."
AP: "Well I guess we better give it to you, Sister Hollander you are being transferred and you are going to LaVerkin with Sister Eyers." (Who is from England btw)
Me: "Yay I always wanted to go to LaVerkin!"
AP: "Good.. Well, Sister Schneider I guess this is your first transfer call."
SS: " No I this would be my second."
AP: "Oh yeah, but this time you are getting transferred."
Me: "WHATTTTTTT??????? Your kidding right?"
AP: "No, Sister Schneider You are going to Bloomington Hills and your companion will be Sister Reimer" (From French Tahiti - called French speaking on her mission in the visitors center)
SS: "WHAT????? That's my MTC companion!!!!"
AP: "Really? Well you will have to both be going down in the transfer van together and you will need to meet at Salina at 1pm." (which is about 2.5 hours away) "Please get your area book up to date for the next missionaries."
Me: "WHAT???? Huntington is being white washed!? Who is taking over the Area???"
AP: "Yes, Castle Dale is going to take over Huntington."

So I Hope I have been able to express my deviation and horror. I don't mind leaving an area but it is sad to have BOTH missionaries to leave the area. Our Leaders are sad and so are we, but there is nothing you can do about it really. The AP's also said that we don't have enough Sister missionaries in the mission to take over the area. We heard that it is probably only temporary. Shame the Elders now have a massive area to cover. They are practically going to cover the WHOLE Emery County. But they are really fantastic missionaries Elder Finnie (Who is our DL) and his companion had 10 Baptisms last month and 7 of those happened last week. They really are on top of this and are on fire I really hope they see much success in the area. I know that they will be spread thin but I am sure they will do well!

It's funny I am all worried about the area closing and Sister Schneider could not get over the shock having her MTC comp as her new comp lol.

Anyway. Well that kinda explained why we struggled so much to find inspiration on Friday when we did weekly planning.

I'm glad to finally know. But I am really sad to leave. I love this small 'ol town. I have spent a day in LaVerkin before when I was waiting for Sister Hee to come to Kaibab. It is a great area I think we cover about 13 wards and the stake goes all the way up to Zions border. So it is down south in Washington county near Huricane (said Huricin) we cover areas called Virgin and Springdale. I am real excited to go back there. Hope we won't see too much snow. But I think we will see some of it.

Well on other news. Do you remember John? Our miracle baptism with sister Phagwah. Well we went to see him this week and well He is in Pinicale (a rehab center) He went to the hospital about 4 weeks ago because he was swelling up so bad. Well I am so glad Elder and Sister Mecham were there to make sure he got the care he needed. He has lost 40 pounds and is looking way healthy!!! I am so glad they did this for him. We are going to see him later today. I have really grown to love this man. He is a son of God and I have seen God's love in his life. His mission here in this life is NOT over yet.

Womens Conference was absolutely spectacular. I think I got a bit home sick with the opening prayer by Dorah Mkhabela and just to be able to see other black people on the vidoes and another sister mentioning her dad served in SA man but it was a real powerful conference!!! I love general conference. I would encourage everyone (male and female) to watch this conference session. I would love to hear what you are able to learn from any of the conference sessions.

Well also on other news. We did not end up checking out the Rochester panel last week - we couldn't find it..... Thank you for everyone for the birthday wishes :)

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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