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Monday, 1 September 2014

What a week!

Wow What a week for sure!


Also sorry for the late mail. We went out to the desert this morning with one of our ward mission leaders and his wife and daughter who just got off her mission in London England.
So we went out to the "wedge" aka "lone and dreary world" aka "little grand canyon"

Dinosaur footprint:

We had a  great lesson with Hunter on Monday and he will for sure get baptized this month. Depending on his adoption date. But they are also planning to get sealed ASAP. I am really excited. I am sure I will be able to go! (Whether I will be in the area or not is another story... transfer calls at the end of the month)

Well Tuesday we had Exchanges! It was so good!!! I think even more so for Sister Schneider! She got to stay in our area and I was able to go to Manti. So I drove Huntington Canyon and wow it was so gorgeous!!! I loved it! 
I was with Sister Pene again she is a fun Samaon (that was why I had to drive - cause she does not have a licence) It was a great exchange and I learned a lot from them. Manti seems to be a bit of a tough area though. And made me realized how much I really love Huntington. But who knows I might serve there one day. It was so great we went bike riding in the morning around the farms in the area and it was just so great to do! I am soooo unfit though!!! Sister Schneider and I have STRUGGLED to exercise in the mornings. But we have made a record this week we have gotten up every day and ran around two blocks :) - which does not seem like a lot but we are working toward going around 3 this week :) It feels soooo good to get up and exercise and watch the sunrise... 
We really have decided to do this a bit late it is getting darker each morning. But it helps me feel accomplished. I hope we can keep this up.

Well after exchanges we had to leave early so we could make it to our district meeting on time in price - and I really was considering going down through a place called scofield and down price canyon... But then we realized that is outside of our mission :O So we went back to Huntington and then off to price... That was the longest I have ever driven at one time on my mission. And I may have gone a bit fast.... at least there were no cops. But we had a fantastic district meeting about setting realistic goals and we watched some mormon messages!!! I love mormon messages!!!

Quote from church yesterday: "God wants us to work hard - then he blesses us"

So everyone seems to be giving the missionaries there extra produce. like we got A LOT of CORN just this week. So friday we decided that would be a great weekly planning meal. So I decide to clean them and cook them. but there were some worms in them... so I cut off the part where the worms were. Then chuck them in the bin. Sister Schneider then decides to SAVE the worms. lol. Thats all well and good. But then. . . . We found a SCORPIAN in the apartment!!! ahhhhhhhh!!! But it was dead Sjoe!!! 
But who killed it...??? Wasn't me! But if there is one there are more right? But was funny cause during our time I watched this video
Still does not top Sister Eppels Bat experience.... (for those on her mailing list)

Well we have seen many miracles this week. We were able to put a young girl on date for baptism - previously she would hide her face when we mentioned it so that is big progress!!!
We also found a new investigator! Michelle and she is Golden! Her mom is inactive and said that she wanted to wait for her to be older so she could decide for herself and well she is older now and living on her own and from what we talked about it all sounds positive!!! We also exceeded our goals of Member Present Lessons It is sooo exciting when things like that happen!

Tim & Kelly are still doing great! Only found out that they also drink coffee... Wow Almost marked everything in the word of wisdom... But They are getting the stop smoking program from the Mechams (Snr Couple) this week and we are really hoping things go well for them. They didn't make it to church so I really hope they are OK. John - our miracle baptism, is not doing too good either I hope he can overcome whatever this sickness is - he won't tell us.

We have also been able to do a lot of service here. we have helped this one family move and they are NOT even CLOSE to be ready to move out and feels like we never get anywhere - I think she got shocked when on Saturday I said something to really get down to business. Well it didn't help too much. We are still a LONG ways from being done. We help when we can.

But I know we have seen a lot of these miracles because of our obedience to the schedule - exercising and all the service we have been able to do.

Thank you sooo much for all the emails!!! Sorry I am not able to reply to them all.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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