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Monday, 25 August 2014

Life in Huntington

So this week was FULL of ups and downs. Unfortunately more downs than ups. We have too many appointments cancel this week. School started this week and so things were a bit crazy for everyone. But I think things will smooth over with everyone starting to get into a routine.

We started the week with a high! W have been teaching this one boy: Hunter (9) who is in foster care with his aunt and uncle. We found out on Monday that his birth-mother's right had been terminated. Hunter really wants to get baptized! And well we are still unfamiliar with all the rules and stuff with adoptions but if the mom doesn't say anything to get her rights back (which we are all doubting she will) He will be adopted on the 24th of sept. And they are planning to do the sealing ASAP after this and the baptism!!! Hunter also cannot wait to be a part of their family! I really do think that all will work according to plan :) they will be sealed as a family by the end of Sept!!! And I am pretty sure that we will be able to go! It is just so great for us to teach hunter he is an outstanding kid! he tells us all these RANDOM things that goes off topic and you would think that he is not listening. Then you would ask him what he understood about the lesson and he would recite it all back to you. We love mondays cause we get to teach him!! 

So Tuesday we had a few cancellations but we were able to tract a bit in Elmo and contact some referrals (we don't get out to Emlo too often - like the members say there are 2 wards in elmo. The active ward and the inactive ward - if you did not catch the joke.. there is only one ward there. but half the members are inactive.) We did not find much success but we did get a few great pictures! (Sister Schneider hijacks my camera and takes pretty much all the pictures) which makes the battery die pretty quickly - esp since it always sounds like it is dying when it starts up. 

So it was pretty sad when we got to this house and offered service and were able to feed calfs with a bottle... we only got one of sister schneider.... so please know I was there too!!! PROMISE!!!! feeding them with goats milk - got to watch them milk the goat too. pretty cool.

Tim & Kelly have really been a blessing and one of our highlights in our week!!! I love them so much!!! Tim has been clean of meth and alcohol for about 7 days now I think. We met with them twice last week. The first time was very strange because he was not the same bubbly man we met the first time. But he attributed this to him giving up these harmful substances. We taught the restoration and it was great! (just a bit different because we were able to clearly go through and teach the whole lesson.) When we invited them to read the Book of mormon they agreed! And said that they already believe it is true, but we committed them to read it again! He has not been able to sleep too well with his withdraw from the drugs. But to our surprise and "great astonishment" he used that time to read the scriptures and was in 1 Nephi 8 when we got to them two days later. and he had questions!!! GOOD questions! so we read with them and tried to answer them =D They also came to church on sunday and they are progressing really well! 

So a funny happening: So there was a couple that my trainer and I taught in Fredonia and reactivated that were getting sealed on thursday. Sister Allen was the one who did the corresponding and invited me along. she got all the details of when it was happening and things. Well I put alot of trust in her and we both got permission to go to the sealing. When we were teaching them they always aspired to go to the Manti temple. And said that was where it was going to happen. Well on thursday we got to the Manti temple, and they were not on the list.... we started to panic and were going through all the details in our heads... everything lead to Manti. Well turns out they got sealed on thursday at 10 40. In St George Temple. My trainer is actually serving in St. George right now. So it was a crazy mix up and she had to get a ride to come all the way up to manti. It was crazy. We ended up doing some initatories and saw the famous spiral staircase (we might as well since we are there) But just taught me to triple heck plans.... espicially when there are 2 temples in your mission.

Huntington Canyon:

Manti Temple:

Saturday was a crazy day. Almost every appointment cancelled!!! and we didn't find ANY success. Then we decided to knock on some random doors near one of our investigators..... and found a real Anti house. We didn't say a word and we had this couple shouting and swearing and cursing us and threatening to call the cops on us. (which would not help cause all the cops are pretty much Mormon in this town.) But it really upset me. and broke my heart to find some people so against the church. :(

Well this week has been pretty crazy and so both sister schneider and I have been falling behind in our book of mormon reading - but at least I think I am reading it a lot faster than I would have ever done at any time in my life! Just watched this great Mormon Message about the Book of Mormon I agree with Pres Monson - If you have not read the Book of Mormon - READ IT!

Oh PS Its been a rainy week and I think sister Schneider is cursed for always walking in the mud :P Have a mentioned that she HATES the rain! with a passion!

Have a great week! Hope to hear from y'all soon.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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