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Monday, 4 August 2014

11 Months ALREADY

WOW time flies by so fast!! I have officially been out for 11 months. This last week also just flew by! But I love it - most of the time, sometimes I hate it cause there is so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Today we plan on going out to the dessert :) Last week started off in a pre-historic frenzy. We went to the Dinosaur museum. This mammoth was found in Huntington.

It was fun times but I don't know if I nee dto do that again. haha.

We had a few good lessons this week and we have really been blessed with service opportunities. One miracle that happened was after dinner we decided to contact a few houses but sister schneider decided that we should contact another house (cause it has a great big beautiful American flag) and the man answered and asked if they wanted to set up a time with him.... Well WOW we were quite shocked, turned out to be a less active family that the bishop has been working with and the bishop said he would send the missionaries over. Well we were happy to set up a time, they are actually a real great family!! they have even offered to take us out to look for arrow heads and teach us how to do wood burning... I am really excite dto start teaching them. we just left a message about prayer and said a prayer with them. It was great we saw them at the Emery County parade in Castle Dale and then we saw them AGAIN IN CHURCH!!! we were sooo excited!!! we really didn't expect to see them because she said she has to work alot of sundays. But we were thrilled to see them!!

We also had a great training on thursday from our district leader on faith to find - our area has slowed down alot with finding - almost feel like we have found them all. so on Thursday & Friday we prayed specifically and faithfully for a new investigator. It was amazing to FEEL thursday night as I was praying that it would happen that we would see success the next day and even though we did not plan for this one referral we contacted her and picked her up as a new investigator! I am excited to teach her! 

I am also really excited for the changes that have taken place in the wards. I think this is really going to help us as missionaries. As long as the mosquito's dont slow anything down. It was crazy yesterday at one of our church buildings there was a huge swarm of mosquito's at each door. We pushed our way through! and got bit quite a bit and everyone was itching and scratching the whole sacrament service lol. And peoples bubbles were popped by others hitting each other killing mosquito's (luckily I had my lavender oil to stop the itch and make sure no more bit me.

So on saturday we were in the PARADE!!!! that was fun the elders had a float "Hastening the Work" and they asked us to be on another "Fishers of Men", it was fun we got to throw out bouncing balls haha - was fun watching the kids run for them.

Well that's all folks! Hope y'all are being fishers of men - helping every one out and sharing your testimony with them. From our training at our stake co ordination meeting Our high councilman over missionary work said this: "The love of Christ is available to everybody... Loving the people is a synonym to Hastening the work." and "We come to church to become better people, it is NOT for perfect people."

Thinking about Moroni 7:45-48 Think about how you can reach out to your friends in love and invite them back to church, don't judge them for what they wear to church. And for those that are not members think of ways you can continue to love them enough to help them make covenants.

Love you all! thank you for your love and support.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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