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Monday, 28 July 2014

Pioneer Day?

Hello From Huntington!!!

So yup Utah has a holiday called Pioneer day, to remember the Pioneers that came across the planes to build up Utah. Well It was quite uneventful for us cause we already had our celebrations with Cleavland days, so it was just a day that there seemed to be no1 in town. Well we still decided to celebrate (South African Style) so we decided to make Malva Pudding!!!! hahaha yup!! We also cooked some beetroot and their leaves (didn't know you could eat the leaves... well tasted like spinach...) and for those of you who really know me I don't know how to cook - but I have a feeling I am going to be learning pretty fast cause people want to feed us with their fresh veggies from their gardens! it is so great we got 1 1/2 dozen free eggs this week (which was great cause I was able to make eggs for the STL's that came over for exchanges this last week) So if anyone has any tips on cooking please I am open to ideas and to learn. Got 2 x Squash that I will be cooking up this week so we will see how that goes. But I can bake and I can follow recipes which is great! We also made some crepes last P Day cause we wanted a change.

Well as for missionary work this week has been pretty slow, I think alot of people went camping this weekend and it was crazy.

Like I said we went on exchanges on tuesday evening and it was good cause one of the sisters  used to serve in this area and so she was able to help sister Schneider out alot, they went by and saw people that Sister Holister knew and taught a lesson to one of our investigators, I went with sister Pene (from Samoa) - GREAT MISSIONARY!!! 

I love her - we came out together and we get along real well. After the exchange ended we set some goals and I wont lie it was good to hear how we can improve. We also had our interviews with the mission president and his wife and they asked us to read D&C 93 and share what we learned in the interview - WOW if you have not read it - it is full of crazy information! Maybe I will share some of my insights/questions to ponder:
  • What is the fullness of the Father? (Knowledge, Love, Glory, Wisdom, Power, Understanding, Exaltation)
  • Christ always said the Glory be thine forever, yet Christ received a fullness of glory, I know that the Father is also merciful and will give Christ love and glory so he too will be exalted.
  • What is Golry? (Light, Truth, Love)
  • How do we receive Glory? - To glorify we honour, so we can only receive an honourable reward after we have done something good/great. So I think we would receive glory from our works  - So what are you doing? Did you do something Good today?
  • Even Christ had to receive the fullness "grace for grace", line upon line, precept upon precept. Nothing comes all at once.
  • As you cross reference grace for grace (Phil 2:8 & Heb 5:8) it speaks about obedience - so we can receive things grace for grace as we are obedient. 
  • Christ was obedient to the Father. He showed us the perfect example of obedience but he had his agency. 
  • Agency and obedience, I would say are the 2 most fundamental principles taught in the Plan of Salvation.
Now that your brain is Fried. I know that the plan of Salvation is real I know that opposition is real and that satan is working hard on us to choose the wrong or slightly easier path and helps us to justify alot of things, even just some simple commandments. I hope and pray that we can all have the strength we need to get through this week.

We also had a few good lessons this week - one of which is a family we found and one of the kids is 13 and not baptised and doesn't actually know much about the church but he had a powerful experience at the manti pageant a few weeks ago and I bet that is going to help us teaching them. When we first contacted that house we knocked on the door and he answered and he wanted to run away! wanted to not speak to us but when he realized that no one else was there to speak to us he came out and spoke to us haha was fun. But if it was not for them we would have really lost it cause the work was so slow. But we are excited to have the castle valley pageant on this week and next we will only really be going next weekend for friday and saturday But we are real excited to invite everyone to this free production - apparently it is better than Manti so we are excited! We will also be IN a county parade this weekend! going to be fun!!!

Anyway Love you all hope you have a super fantastic week!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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