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Monday, 14 July 2014

A German and South African Meet Cowboy Country

Good Morning everyone!! 

So last week seemed pretty unproductive cause we had some time in our area on monday night, but tuesday and wednesday were total write offs cause I had to travel to St George in the transfer van so I could be there for the trainers meeting wednesday morning. It was crazy!! We left Huntington at 11 30 got to Salina at 1 30 then had to transfer everyones luggage and then were on our way to ST Geezy. Had to make a few more stops on the way and It was great cause I was able to see sister David (who I served with in Cedar city cause she was headed to my greenie area of Kiabab!!! Oh she is going to see miracles there!! I am really excited for her. she told me that george is not doing too great - remember the 93 year old, yeah well he is in a nursing home now he had a heart attack soon after I left. But things are looking up a lil.

Well It was great I was able to spend some time in the Visitors center tuesday night and was able to see my "mommy" Sister Allen who has now been called to be an STL (sister training leader) I am really excited for her!!! she only has 2 transfers left, so I don't think I will see her again :( Unless they take me down to st george after training.

WEll I also was able to stay with sister Hee and her German Comp Sister Lipke for the night in the VC apartments it was so much fun!! they are two laid back yet diligent missionaries!!! It was great to be with them and to learn from them! 

If you were wondering how sister Phagwah is doing, she is doing loads better! I was impressed at how well she handeled the trip down to St George. I hope that being in the VC will help her recover better.

So The wednesday got some training on how to be a trainer, then Met My new companion....

SISTER SCHNEIDER from Ruesselsheim GERMANY (Close to Frankfurt - so thats where we say she is from :) She is a great missionary! She speak real good english - cause they all take english in school. But she is still perfecting her grammar. But it's crazy she barely has an accent and our District Leader says that I have more of an accent than she does. LOL. Well I really have loved these few days that we have been together, she is SOOO Excited to be here in Utah (was actually one of the places she wanted to go). She is a great example to me! She has already  called me to repentance and we have been working on being Preach my gospel missionaries. She is a bit shy to start talking because of her english, but really it is perfect. I am learning from her each day and I am excited to be her companion and help her to learn more about missionary life. We had a slow week though because we were not able to see too many people I think everyone goes to price or Provo for the weekend and so its hard to catch people home. But I am excited for things to start happening this week we are ready to see many many miracles!! and  to have a blast!

So Here is our 3 generation picture :):

Our first day together and we pretty much wore matching outfits - NOT PLANNED :)

Fun tracting:

Thank you for all the letters and all the love! Keep it coming and remember the mission address has changed to the below address.

Love you all!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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