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Monday, 21 July 2014

Cleavland Days

Well for those who are not native to Utah, on the 24th of July Utah has a public holiday called Pioneer day and each of these small towns in Emery County celebrate it differently, and on different days. So we had Cleavland days on Friday/Saturday. It was great got to go to another parade and got to speak to some people, it was great to see the small community to get together and to celebrate good times. It wasn't the most successful activity for us but we don't have anything better to do really on saturdays cause everyone goes to Price or Provo to shop and in this case everyone was going to the cleavland days to celebrate and have some fun. In the evening they also had some fireworks (which are like the best fireworks ever - everyone just wanted us to see them but alas, We were only allowed to stay till 10 and they only started the  fireworks at 10. we got to watch them in out rear view mirror on the way home and they were pretty AMAZING!!! I wont lie!! Also got to contact a few in actives while we were there. so that was at least good. But I was shocked at how many people came from out of town to check out the fireworks, a few from salt lake and from st george, from all over. Was pretty cool. And yes from what I saw it was definitely worth it!! 

But in other news, we had a rather slow week trying to contact people all week, working through a part member family list. But the holidays are proving difficult to get people at home. But we were able to check out a different part of our area called Lawrence, its just outside of huntington but it is real pretty. (even though there is nothing there)

So I don't think I told y'all that sister schneider is a huge america fan! She is absolutely in love with the american flag. And we are having a real blast together! 

I learn so much from her every day and she really tests my english skills but asking what certain words mean - I feel like a walking dictionary and I don't know if that is a good thing for me to describe things - like to describe a hole punch I came up with: "a punch that makes holes" :| yeah, terrible. then she goes to her german-english dictionary and realizes what I have just said and just strats laughing!!!! She also sometimes just wants to speak german to me - guess I must look like a german JK. But we laugh ALOT. she finds the smallest things to laugh at and it is real refreshing! we all need more laughter in our lives! 

It is also so great to go through the 12 week program again for new missionaries cause we are able to really go through PMG and the district videos to learn how to become effective missionaries! and Sister Schneider is great she gets right into the role plays and is doing well. She also has a talent for discerning needs of investigators to finding what they truly desire in life - we just need to work that in to asking inspired questions during the lessons and I think we will see a real change in our investigators. Well we are hoping for a baptism this weekend with a girl named Hope, she had taken the lessons before and was not ready then but now she even thinks she is ready. But will see if family schedules will join with her schedule.

We have also been checking on john every night to make sure he is doing well. and he is! So we decided to take a picture one day:

Well I encourage you all to watch these "patterns of light" videos if you have not already:

Hope you all see miracles today!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander

Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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