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Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Pattys Day in Cedar!

Good Morning all!! Happy St. Patricks day... Yes I am wearing Green :P

So I have no clue WHERE the time goes!! This week FLEW by sooo fast. Thank you for all your emails, soory that I cannot reply to them all. 

So this week we found an amazing new investigator, well he has been going to church and he decided to meet with us with help from the members encouragement. We stopped by his house last saturday and he said he didn't need our help or anything. Well we are just glad that we were able to visit with him. So we put him on date for the 29th March!!! Yip a miracle and he is excited and ready to commit. Was crazy so we set up a time with him on saturday afternoon to teach him. So since our mile have been cut we have been trying to walk as much as possible. And so we were walking in the neighborhood in the morning and no one was answering their doors when we walked by this house and so I decide to say hi cause I want to learn to talk to everyone. turns out it was ANDREW! wow well I felt bad cause I didn't recognize him at first then turns out he was at our ward mission leaders house helping them out shoveling gravel.... WOW well we spoke to him a bit confirming that we will be coming at 3.... then the ward mission leader says oh and did you know it's Andrews birthday today. "WHAT? No! Did you know it's Sister Allred's Birthday today!!!?" Haha so luckily it was Pi day on Friday (March, 14 = 3,14 = Pi) so they invited us in and treated us to some apple crumble. Then the fellow-shipper who also lives down the street called our ward mission leader and asked him to go to the lesson which we had set up for later cause his baby sitter fell through. Well we looked around and were like well... could we just have it right now? lol So we taught him the restoration and it was good! A bit confusing cause he believes that Pres Monson is a prophet but he does not know for himself that the book of mormon is true. anyway we are working on that. So sister allred had this great idea that we "balloon attach his door" And so during our lunch we made this awesome surprise for him... well did I mention that Cedar city is also known for the wind! haha ok so we our awesome creation involves string... sounds absolutely crazy I know. well we were going to use double sided tape, and it wanted to stick too well to his car, so got hold of some other tape and our plans changed a few times of where we were going to stick it anyway, in the process of untangling... HE CAUGHT US!!!! AHHHHHH sooooo close we just needed 10 more minutes... Well it was good fun we stood talking to him for a good 30min outside. 

And we eventually put it up!

Look amazing right??? WORTH IT!

Oh and I am sorry you did not get the pictures I intended on sending last week... I think I may have closed the browser too sooon... these computers are a bit slow...

On other news we had Zone conference this week and wow there are alot of changes to how we should be teaching and planning:
Our nightly planning sessions now take an hour to and hour and a half as we use the "planning guides" in our planners/weekly planning points, it IS most effective in helping us to remember ALL our investigators during the week, especially those on date. They have also encouraged us to use our pamphlets more and more and literally use them as we teach with the pictures - short powerful lessons! That is the key! SHORT... lol still trying to get out of that habbit but I will get there. There are many changes... Change is good right? 

Oh an Sister Allred got her VISA!!!! at least she is going to stay till the end of the transfer and then she is off to Santos! She is Soooooooooooooooo Excited. we really need to work on her Portuguese now.

Oh and Happy birthday to dad for Wednesday last week! I did not forget I promise!! :D 

Well today I plan on doing some clothes shopping at the DI This will be my first experience So excited!

Anyways some of our investigators we are struggling to get them progressing but we are working on them - figuring out their needs.

Running out of time.

Love you all!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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