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Monday, 7 April 2014

Spring really isn't Spring

So Everyone has been telling us it is spring... Well I tell you I have NOT experienced it! lol The seasons here kinda remind me of Cape Town and PE weather MIXED.... Cedar is known to be the windy city.. and that is a fact! And we ahve often experienced all 4 seasons in one day. INCLUDING SNOW. Eish. But its all good, just makes walking all the more adventureous lol. Thank goodness I have a coat that does pretty good to ward off the snow. But the trees think it is spring... Just look at the Pop corn trees blosseming :)

Well the week has been pretty uneventful till we started watching general conference!! We watched Session #1 with a Non member couple (at their house - cause no one watches it at the chapel... not even an option to watch at the chapel...) and it was so good!! they even offered for us to watch the rest of conference with them! They said that it has inspired them to watch more! I really do hope they did - we had other apt and plans and so were not able to know if they did but we are seeining them on wednesday again :) This was the first time they had watched conference completely so was fun. I think I even saw him shed a tear near the end :) ahhhh I just LOVE Conference! 

There wer so many amazing messages in conference and I am indeed running out of time to tell you all about it. But I will say that there were a few things that stood out to me:
  • When we share the Gospel, we should Keep it simple!
  • When we share the Gospel we should remember the importance of FOLLOWING UP
  • We need to ALL study from Preach my Gospel - Do you have a copy??? if not, GET ONE!
  • Be Obidient! And Keep the Commandments
  • As We strive to develop Christ Like Attributes we will find it easier to Keep the Commantments
  • As we are more grateful and have gratitude it will be easier to develop Chirst like attributes. "Gratitude is the Catalyst to all Christ like attributes."
  • What are your priorities?
  • DO FAMILY HISTORY - it is also a part of hastening the work
  • "Live true to the faith"
  • Hel 5:12 - we all go through trails but they are there to make us stronger! as we build our foundation on CHRIST.
  • Love one another - it is a commandment!
  • Study the words of the modern day prophets
Just watch or read the talks again... 

One miracle after conference. Well first we tried contacting some less active and non member houses that we have met before and they are super friendly. And we know they were inside cause the lights were on and we could hear noises, the one they even turned the porch light on, but did not open the door for us :( I wont lie we felt a bit discouraged after that, we went home and then decided to start planning for today... we don't have a car so its alot of travel planning. Who can we ask to give us rides... Then we got a call from one of our ward mission leaders saying that one potential investigator had a spiritual experience last week and asked him what are the requirements for baptism!!! WHAT??? And so set up a time for us to teach him tonight! We are sooo excited! but his schedule is crazy, but we are going to make it work.

Oh and we have 2 baptisms this week... for people we have not taught, the one kid only wanted to be taught by elders. and the other was taught in Colorado cause that is where he lives but wants to get baptized here where he knows people.

Good times.

Well let me know what you thought about conference. And what goals you have set?

I cannot wait for the ensign to come out :D

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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