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Monday, 14 April 2014

MIRACLES In Cedar West

This week has been great! Though I think Heavenly Father has a sense of humour and ALOT of mercy.

Last monday was FILLED with miracles!!! First off we went to wallmart and since it was the begining of the month I had alot of things to buy and Sister allred wanted to get a few things before she got shipped off to brazil so just as we started to shop we got stopped by some members who wante dto pay for our groceries but we had only started so they instead got us a gift card of $25 (now about R275) Anyway I decided to splurge on a few things thinking I will use my pvt card for that. Well when we got paying for things we got talking to the lady behind us and she started asking where we were from and things and her husband served in SA!!! next thing I know she has paid for all of our groceries!!! WHAT!!!???? Man I don't know what to do in those situations, except thank my Heavenly father for all his kindness. We then went for lunch at Cafe Rio and ANOTHER member paid for our lunch! The day could not get any crazier...

Then we taught Jeff - the one who told our ward mission leader that he wanted to get baptised! Well we taught him the first lesson and spoke about the priesthood and everything just made sense to him!! then I invited him to be baptised and before I could finish the sentence he was like -YES and strated telling us about his experience in the mountians! while reading from the Book of mormon - he has such a strong testimony even though he does not know everything yet, but he has bought himself a quad already and is loving everything we teach him. He really is golden and getting baptised on SATURDAY! he really is Golden and problem is he works every other sunday but he will make sure he is at church! he loves all that we have to teach him about and he also loves how we started off by saying that we may not have all the answers to all your questions about we will find out. He is well versed in the bible and has had many questions for many years, that he was able to find answers in the BofM

Otherwise the week was ok. We had our share of cancellations and things but yesterday was pretty crazy we spoke in sacrament and we taught in primary (sharing time) and it was good fun! I think I am getting alot better at not really preparing for my talks but rather just making sure I study everyday. though an outline of what I want to speak on helps.... (mind map) Oh we had 2 baptisms this week. Neither of which we taught. lol. crazy. anyway....

TRANSFER CALLS: So This saturday we got our transfer calls and sounds like there are going to be ALOT of changes in the mission!!! crazy stuff. So Sister Allred is off to St George tonight to fly tomorrow to salt lake to Detroit to sau paulo, brazil and will be in the MTC there for a 2 week "intensive language refresher course". My new companion is Sister Davis.... I don't know who she is but I hear she is great! 

Oh and it has been super nice and spring like this week. then we had a bit of a thunderstorm for 5min Sunday morning. and it is still freezing!

Oh wait tuesday was amazing!!! I had curry twice in one day!!!! First one we requested and a memeber made us Thai curry for lunch and the second was our dinner made us indian curry without me knowing it! What??? so good to taste those spices again. wasn't very hot but it was goooooood.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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