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Monday, 8 December 2014

White Christmas

Well I think I had my white christmas early this year... No, no snow. Even better - we had 3 baptisms this weekend! It was a fantastic week! I really loved it!

We had to go through the baptism interview process twice (cause the two boys are bothers so we could get them done at the same time :) They have been investigating for about 6 months and their parents are becoming active again and it was way fun to teach them The kids first had a hard time accepting tithing but their parents were able to teach them and help them in that. Well it hsa been tough to set up appointments with them because they are soo busy they play like 5 sports most of them at the same time lol so scheduling with them is intense, but we finally got them into the waters of baptism and everyone was there that they wanted (except sister eyers that got transferred) But it was especially special because their dad was able to baptize them!!! It was wonderful! So this baptism went pretty smoothly but leading up to the baptism was rough... But I won't lie I think I might become a utah mom when it comes to the cool hings they do for the kids getting baptized.

So the 2 brothers happend on Friday night, then saturday morning was stake baptisms (so here in Utah only the stake center has a font and because there are so many kids and they all turn 8 round about the same time they have stake baptisms each ward would take a turn and have individual services according to ward, and they would baptize the kids one after the other pretty much. Well there was a wonderful family the sisters were working with to reactivate that happend to be cousins to a family we were teaching in huntington and it was a very special tender mercy for me that I was able to be at this girls baptism - she really reminds me of elaine in Huntington :) they are definately cut from the same cloth. I was also able to speak at that baptism. But what was even better was they told me that elain is one date for baptism in januray! Happy day!

So But it was fun so our other investigators names is John and he has been investigating for about a year now and he was going to get baptized 6 Months ago and couldn't because something came up that he needed to be dealt with first, well we got everything cleared and now it was becoming real, for the past month it felt like he wasn't really excited for his baptism but watching him stress over getting the program together this week was great cause we could see his excitement :) Then we had the baptism interview and got to see his sincerity and love for this gospel! His baptism was definately a highlight on my mission! It was truely a special service. THIS is why we are out on a mission to see a change in people I know that John felt the spirit really strong! I know that everything happens for a reason. I love being a missionary.

So Sister Massengale can be pretty funny when she is tired. I don't have time to write them all but yesterday she said "We can't watch this so I'll mute it." Think about it... HAHA

So WE have ANOTHER Zone Conference happening this week which is unheard of. Firstly it is a SHORT transfer (we only have 5 weeks in this transfer) and we usually only have Zone Conference every second transfer. this is going to be the usual 6 hour conference so we think something big might be happening but so we are not disappointed we are excepting "Oatmeal and the district" hahahahahahahaha Quote Courtesy  Sister Prince :D

So remember about the crazy old lady? well she is on date for baptism next saturday... Yeah I know crazy right??? We are preying that her health improves so she can...

Anyway running out of time again.... But we are getting transfer calls this week and well we don't know what is going to happen we hope to stay together but they are also white washing kiabab - cause sister davis is going home and her companion got her visa to Scotland - and we both kinda want to serve there again and we are the only ones left in the mission who have served there.... and this will be my last transfer... last 7 Weeks AHHHHH

Have a great week!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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