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Monday, 15 December 2014

Last Transfer in ZION

You Guessed it! We got our transfer calls on Saturday and We are staying together in Zion and I will be ending my mission here. So if there are some of you who are confused as to why I am going home this transfer and my companion is not (since we were in the MTC together) Turns out I am needed back in SA with my family.

But I am really excited to have another transfer in Zion and that we are staying together and that we are seeing miracles everyday! I love this area and I love my mission! I think I am especially excited that I can have the Holidays here :) 

No Big Chirstmas Presents this week at Zone conference. There was actually no real special reason for it but that there were more things they wanted to train us on so we can be better missionaries! But they did give us a Christmas present. they gave us a Brand new New Testament and our commitment is to study the 4 Gospels and mark every instance you read the words that Christ spoke. (much like the red letter bibles that everyone speaks about that they had as kids where it does the same thing - another suggestion was that we look at all the questions he said as well. I am excited to get started but I decided that I first want to get my Book of mormon read before Christmas and lookis like I may get it finished this week which is exciting. At the conference we also got to hear from some of the patriarchs of the nearby stakes and have a question and answer session - I wish I could come up with better questions that what i did. But thats ok. But I learned alot and am excited to implement alot of what I learned such as making more frequent contact with my ward mission leaders.

Just quickly we had some fun walking in the rain this week. Its winter... sort of, the weather has been really mild, but there is a bit of snow on the mountain tops.

Yesterday we saw some great miracles we first just went to Our High council man for missionary work's house to update him on a few things, and then a Non member walked in that they were working with for us to teach. Well I wish I can say we had a lesson with her right then and picked her up as a new nvestigator and put her on date, but no we didd not, but we were able to speak to her a bit and get to know her a bit - but it was a miracle that we got to meet her :)

Then we contacted a referral from our senoir couple, unfortunately we were not able to pick up a new investigator from that yet either but we were able to teach a lesson, just  need to set up an apointment. The mom was sick so we kinda had to get out in a hurry... And then we went to contact this other home where we actual got a media referral from them (part member home) and contacted them but though that they were just a less active home and gave it over to the Princes well turns out there are 2 kids in there that we have not strated teaching!!! they are such a Golden family - they have just moved here from Vegas and have decided to start going back to church. We gave the kids book of mormons and explained a bit of it and the one kid turns around and says "I now know what the Book of Mormon is, Its a book about Christ!" I just loved it! Cause it is! 

Well Hope y'all have a great week! I know we will!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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