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Monday, 29 December 2014

Almost a White Christmas: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First off I hope y'all had a wonderful spectacular Christmas! I know I did!!! 

We had a bit of a slow week with christmas hope this week will be a bit better!

It all started Christmas Eve. We decided as a district that we would go out christmas carolling to our investigators and members and people in our area. (We unfortunately needed to exclude Kanab cause they live way too far) So Our District Leader Elder Bolokoski played the Guitar. And we all sang Christmas songs! It was the best! We wer able to see one of our investigator families and our landlords (who had a foot operation a few weeks back and just last week broke 3 ribs trying to go to the restroom :( And is now in a rehab center) They really appreciated us coming by and I think we made her week! it was great! We then had some milk and donuts supplied by the elders :) But as we were leaving the La Verkin suburbs to go back to Hurricane for these refreshments we had a mini race with the elders, they got infront of me cause I was kinda on the wrong side of the road and there was a car infront of me so they were in front of us in their car, and we had to lead the way, so I decided put the indicator on showing right instead of left, just to see what they would do.... They fell for it too! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good thing we have some awesome elders and they laughed it off. Even gave me a high five B-) They are so much fun!

Then Christmas Day started off great! (We actually had a number of gifts under the tree thanks to one of our less actives and Sister Massengales mom - shes great! But now we have WAY too much candy) then we had breakfast with one of our Bishops and Skypes home at the same place It was sooo great to see my Family!!! Too bad baby Fanner was not born yet but I He IS just the cutest thing! Don't you think??? I am an Aunty again!

Then we watched 17 Miracles cause its been a while since we have seen it and it was one of our approved movies to watch on Christmas. I cried like a baby. again. But it was sooooo good! And since it was all about the pioneers in the snow I was like "How cool would it be if it was snowing right now...." (Cause there was snow in the night and we woke up to white mountains) and well we walked outside and it was Sleeting!!!! YAY!!! that was good enough for me. So yes it has been pretty cold! But its all good. The worst was probably our walking day on friday when the "Huricane" winds - being the place not the storm - But i guess luckily I decided to have an allergic reaction to something.. and my lower lip swelled up like crazy and we didn't got out till it had come down. took 2x Benadryl to get it to start coming down. But we were still out that night walking in the cold.

Well Christmas afternoon we had Dinner with our Senior Couple again. Then we had a Zone Activity by going to an alcove mountain thing and had a bon fire And some bonding time it was fantastic!

Ok my companion is the funniest. So at the bon fire somehow we have been dishing out names to all the missionaries in our Zone Like Sister Liu is President Liu (Long story) well our one ZL (Elder Grover) and our DL (Elder Bolokaski) - they are like 2 peas in a pod - got the names Oracles but at first was Oracle and Oracles side kick, but Elder Bolo did not like that then it changed a few times then at district meeting (Friday) the next day we wanted it to be oracle 1 and 2 but they did not want superiority over the other so we also tried Oracle A and B... that didn't work. So I decided Oracle G and Oracle B.... My Companion is sitting next to me typing about this in her mass email and says "Oh I finally get it! Why it's Oracle G and B" LOL ROFL (Roll on Floor Laughing) Man Welcome to my life. I wish you could hear half the things that happen in our week... Its the best!

At the Bon Fire My companion also got the name Chief of police... It fits!!! haha and I read in the NT this week that "whosoever will be chief amoung you let him be your servant" and well I got named this morning a detective... PI Hollander. I was hoping to go under the radar guess not.... haha

Anyway hope y'all are making some new years resolutions :) Here is a video for the new year. Remember "Look not behind thee".

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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