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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Letters & Planning

So I left it a bit late but I finally got my letters to BOTH my Mission President and The First Presidency out.

This really is a necessary part of mission prep! I have gotten an overwhelming love for my mission through formally accepting the call to serve and also telling my mission president more about me. I didn't know what to say for either of them, but as I started... I soon ran out of space on the page provided, but I figured I should stick to one page :)

Combination of my letter to Mission Pres & First Presidency

In Mission Prep 4 Weeks ago Bro Bester was able to get us missionary planners for our class!!! was the coolest thing!!! and I USED it well... for the first week...

I hope I use it a lot more and better in the field. I think the problem is I have a book at work where I write down pretty much everything so I don't really need the planner - But I forget completely some days. I do think however that a MAIN weekly planning session is WORTH it. and I am going to use Sundays to do that. I have also outlined my goals and things to do before I leave for mission. I will admit they are getting ticked off at a slow rate but there always seems to be something else happening.

I have also felt I have been negleting my calling a bit. But it is getting hard to get others excited about a convention I have to plan and NOT attend. But it has to be done! That will be my Goal this week!!!

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