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Friday, 14 June 2013

I Love to See the Temple - I went inside yesterday

For the Past two weeks it has been unsure when I would be actually GOING to the Temple, I have had my interview with Bishop 3 weeks ago, but getting an interview with Stake Pres was been proving more difficult. Maybe I was not yet ready and Heavenly Father was making me wait.

Temple Prep class last year was amazing - I had wonderful teachers who are serving in the Temple at the moment. I love the Evans' they make me happy and they always looking after me - asking when I will be going, if I have set a date yet. I should have taken a closer head to their enquiry and gotten my interviews earlier. But I thought then that I still had time - I think they need to warn the temple prep class WHEN the temple closes lol.

My Temple experience was awesome - in the true sense of the word, and the blessing are somewhat incredible!  My mom was my escort. I'm so grateful that my family could help me all along the way! I'm so glad that my Dad was able to share this experience with me! He is still struggling a bit to stand for long periods of time, he is seeing the Doctor on the 4th of July only.

The Sunset was absolutely STUNNING

Going on a session JUST with Friends and family was lovely. And so testimony building! It was wonderful to have familiar faces all along the way in the endowment. My institute teacher 2 years back is the assistant to the Matron. She didn't know I was planning on a mission or that I would be going through the Temple - I was not expecting to see her there at all - it was so special to us both to have that! I did the Church History course with her and she really did strengthen my testimony 10 fold of the restoration! She has such a wonderful spirit with her at all times. I love her dearly!

I'm so glad that the Ordinances and the blessings make sense to me, well not completely but I can understand somewhat their Importance. I Plan going tonight on a session where I might not know so many people, and I think it will help me to know that it is not only people I know, but rather all temples around the world who participate in these ordinances on a daily basis.


The Johannesburg temple has and always will have a special place in my heart. But I cannot wait to attend another temple like the one in Provo, St. George or Manti.

Well I will have 1 month to attend the temple from now on. And I will go as often as possible!!!

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