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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Farewell To Emily and Robert

2 Friends in the Provo MTC at the moment :'( Was so sad to see them go.

The are originally from Johannesburg but when their mom re-married they moved down to Durban. They came up to Jozi to go to the USA Embassy and to go to the Temple. We had a Pizza & Game evening at their old place with a few friends. Was so much fun and so sad at the same time! I'm gonna miss those kids!!! But I will only be like a few hours drive away from them.

Meet Emily Eppel: Called to Serve in Boise Idaho Mission
Meet Robert Eppel: Called to Serve Salt Lake City Mission

Both Reported to the Provo MTC June 4th (So they in for another week until they head out into the field.) They were lucky to go together! So cool. Well I won't lie they had a CRAZY flight schedule that they only got the Friday and they left the Monday. I'm expecting the same for myself. Though I won't go via CT. So they went from Durban > Cape Town > London > Texas > Salt Lake 40 Hour FLIGHT!!! And that is Excluding the Layovers!! Though I think the layovers were short.

Both these wonderful people will be in the field for like two weeks and then their missions are going to split - they don't know if they will stay in the original mission or if they will go to the new created mission, because they were called to their missions before the new missions were announced.

Well we had a TONNNNN of fun that night, ate Pizza, played 30 Seconds (which the Eppels and Atkin's OWN at - RULE that no two Eppel's and no two Atkin's allowed on the same team). Then some desert.

Here are some Pictures of the Night:

Liezel & Christine
Tim & Rob - Love the Face :P
Lovely Emily
The GANG: Emily, Kyle, Adam and Laurinda!!!
The Deciding Roll of WHO goes first.
The Start
Laughing at Rob's Team for not understanding the answer
Is it our turn yet??
YES she got this DOWN!!! - Winning Team mate I will add!! wow!
No! I'm Not looking at Liezel's Card... Ok only the last one ;)
Yes Tim! The Hot Black guy! LOL
Future Missionaries!!!
Guess who's Winning!!!??
Desert Time!!
Winning is Exhusting
Scheming for Swazi the long weekend!! (Unfortunately Stine won't be able to make it ahhh)
Well it was a simple night but a night to remember - was the third last time I saw Emily in her craziness!! haha God be with you till we meet again (in 22months!!)

I think Emily and I should plan a trip to the States after this together and we can tour both missions :)

I have not heard much from Emily besides that she is LOVING the MTC. And says I will love it too.

Can't wait to hear more!

Peace People!

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