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Sunday, 26 May 2013

100 Days!!!

YES 100 DAYS TODAY!!!! Till I report to the Provo MTC.

Time is going quite quickly, but still not fast enough. Mission Prep tonight was quite something. We had Pres Mocke teach us as if we were in the MTC and we had to practice talking to our assigned companion as if they were a non-member who had invited us into their home. So this was practice of how to strike up conversation and gain trust in the investigator. And trust me it is harder than it looks!!
I went blank. And found I was asking the wrong questions. Instead of asking "What is your view on organised Religion?" it is better to ask "What part has religion played in your life?" Simple things, just to open the floor a bit so the investigator can talk and we can listen.

Well I'm very grateful for my 100 Days I have to still prepare!! I have to still learn all the lesson properly and try teaching them. I think that is going to be a challenge, I think I will be able to strike up conversation before I will be able to teach the lessons.

Non the less. I LOVE this Gospel! I LOVE the teachings. I might go to the Temple sooner than anticipated. Dad might have to go for another operation next week, then has to be flat on his back for 6 weeks. The Temple closes in 7 WEEKS!!! So it's either NOW or I go without him. But I really do so hope to go with him! But he has been in such pain lately I almost wish they would just fix him already - I don't want to see him flat on his back for 6 weeks - he is going to become depressed! I love him so much. I will be here for him though!

There may be an alternate therapy that he could go for - we will have to wait and see what the second opinion says.

Good luck to anyone else in the Prep process. Don't loose hope. Don't loose enthusiasm for the work - it can happen so easily I know. Just continue on and plow forward.

Never give up. Never surrender.

Sister Hollander

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