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Monday, 8 July 2013

Temple - House of the Lord

The past 3 weeks have been pretty awesome, been able to attend the Temple 2 times a week!! It really is a blessing to be able to go so often before hand! I have learnt so much and developed soo many more questions!! Indeed I can say I have taken my spiritual level to the next level!

In everything I do I think of the Temple and Temple Ordinances. In church meetings I find ways to link the principals taught to the Temple. Or at least I try.

I was priveledged to go to the Temple when my Good Friend Bucie was able to go through the Temple! We have been through the whole Missionary Experience together! It really is a great blessing to have her as a friend! We have been encouraging each other to prepare for this great & marvelous work and a wonder!
She was Glowing after the session!! So peaceful and calm! I Love her!

Bucie has been called to the Ghana Cape Coast Mission. She has a few friends that have also gone there so she is super excited to bring others to Christ. She will have a lot more challenges than I will but she is stronger than I am. She has a wonderful testimony of Christ and this restored Gospel. She Leaves on the 9th August 2013.

Bonolo and Bucie

We are planning to go to the Temple a few times together this week! I can't wait! This is the best preparation we could do for this Work. The Temple is going to be busy this week I'm sure (Last week).

This work is great! I have so much still to do before I leave, I have 57 Days to go before I report to the MTC in Provo.

In Mission Prep yesterday we got learned God's Plan Vs. Satans Plan. So Glad I can Help God's Plan move along.

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