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Monday, 15 July 2013


"Min Dae" - Nothing like an Afrikaans Expression that expresses my emotions, even though when translated directly in English it means "Little Days". But it means Time is running short/out.

I'm currently enjoying the wonderful warm weather of Balito Bay in Durban. It truly is such a wonderful break from the world. It's just my folks and I. Good quality family time! Though I had to work with my dad on costing today.

Balito Bay Beach
A working holiday is better than no holiday.

There is still so much to do before I leave for mission, and I am busy EVERY weekend till I leave!!! I did however find out that I will be able to leave a few days earlier and visit Bro and Sis Porter!!!! (they stay in Draper, Utah) They used to be the Institute "Parents" for a bit. they were there for 2 years!! was absolutely amazing to have them there! I love them so much! Sister Porter will be my designated Companion until I have to go to the MTC. They are so Excited to have me and I am so excited to go and be with them. While I'm there I will also like to visit with Sister Jill Hadley, who helped to convert my parents! THAT is sure to be quite SOMETHING.

Temple is closed, but it does not mean I have forgotten everything. Sister Evans suggested what I do is when I go to bed that I try remember the session or parts of it so I can remember my covenants and learn more about what happens in the temple. This coming week is going to be so strange without going to the temple, I have been able to go almost every week - twice a week even. Well it will give me time for other preparations I need to do. But like one sister said to me when I visited the MTC that the best preparation she did was attending the temple as often as possible.

Well I hope I can use this time wisely and check off everything that I have been wanting to do before I leave. I was able to buy quite a bit of clothing today! Durban's Gateway shopping mall is amazing!

Almost ready to go go go!

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