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Monday, 9 June 2014

Learning Christlike Attributes

Good Morning friends and family! 

Wow Ok So this has been a really crazy week! the work is progressing in the area. We have 6 investigators on date for baptism and we were able to sit with 3 of our investigators at church yesterday! I love it when we are able to do that! we also were able to help 2 of our investigators get white shirts for church. the bishops are so ready and willing to help out. the ward boundries around here are so crazy though I don't get them half the time and so we accidently asked the wrong bishop to  help us out and he was ready and willing to help! it was great Here is Richard in his white shirt:

He is also doing so great! he does however need to stop smoking all together before he can get baptized. He is down to 1 cigarette a day so we are excited for him. we were also able to meet his wife who lives in colorado, grand junction. He lives here to help his daughter out. He is great! I am excited to see him progress He loves the bible and questions everything! But its great he uses the Book of Mormon as a study guide to the bible. We are working really hard with him.

I love these people and I am loving them even more as I serve them. we made some cookies for our investigators :) it was so great sister Phagwah is really helping me understand how I can help and serve our investigators more. I wish all the members could do the same. We are struggling a bit with member support but we are working on that.

John was also at church and we are working on getting him to stop drinking coffee, he says he can do it he just does not want to. We asked him to Act on faith and test is out. We will see what happens this week :) He is great though He is on date for baptism on the 21st of june and we are working hard toward that date. we should have a baptism every week this month. and it will all be dependant on faith. 

We had zone traning on Friday and they are really emphasizing faith. We can do al things is we can have the faith to do it. Faith and Hope is one of the Christlike attributes I am working on. I need both of these if I am going to see success in this area. I feel like sister phagwah has taught me alot about working hard and being bold and increasing my faitha nd love for these people. I am learning that faith does not work if we do not have a hope for these things if we are not positive about our area and each other. When there is faith and hope miracles happen. We have also been working on being more open with each other, and loving each other more. I am grateful for what I have already learned and hope to learn more from our experience together. I think it is going to be 6 weeks of learning and growing and stretching. But I know that we can do it! (that is one of sister phagwahs favourite phrases: You can Do IT!

Well we have had some great service opportunities and have planted some potatoes and eggplant and prepared other parts of this one garden in Huntington. And we helped one of our investigators garden as well planting seeds - I think i am now an expert weed puller :) Though there were some that were DEEPLY rooted. Cannot wait to garden when I get home.

And My tan as result of gardening:

Also we had some interesting dinners this week. some really tough beef and tough lamb and interestingly prepared chicken... and sister phagwah is a bit of a picky eater and so I have eaten half of her meals this week lol it was kinda fun trying to pass off the food onto my plate with out the host seeing. lol Its fun though - I think I need to dish up less food. I am still waiting to eat Elk. Has not happend yet. Oh and sister Phagwah is alleric to pork and turkey. #lifeofamissionary

Hope you all have a great week! Keep the letters coming!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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