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Monday, 30 June 2014

Huntington in the wind

Wow this week has been great fun, it was a bit crazy too.
On tuesday we had soo many aptoinments and soo many cancelled! We even had some that were double booked well it all worked out cause we didn't cancel them all. But the apointments we did have were great! Espcially with Richard, at first we had a fellowshipper going then we didn't then she was just going to be late so we invited this other couple and we ended up having 3 fellowshippers and 1 investigator, but he is very open and honest with us. We decided to watch the special witnesses of Christ DVD and it was really powerful! We have been struggling to help Richard recognize the spirit but it was deffinately there! He is scheduled for Baptism this saturday but we are not sure if he is going to go through with it or not. But we are praying really hard for at least one baptism this week. we have many potentials. But because of the powerful lesson we were late for our dinner... But goodness Funny food corner coming up ina bit. But it was crazy we were running everywhere that day we had quite a few unplanned lessons which were good! but we have picked up a polygimist family they belong to the kingston group. I love them they are wonderful! and very open! But because of that lesson we were late for our next one. so we really were running to and from places. And then the wind came up. But it was STRONG!!!! you have no idea! We were in a lesson with an investigator when all of a sudden we heard a crash... there was a truck that rolled down the hill and somehow backed up onto the curb. The wind was THAT strong! But it was fun!

So we had exchanges on wednesday! it was soo good I love the STLs that we have here they are so powerful and loving and have been able to help my companion and I to work more in unity and to teach more in unity! Sister Phagwah was also able to pick up a new golden investigator. she has not been interested lately, her sister got baptized a few months ago. but she has been reading from the book of mormon lately and been doing great! She is also on date for baptism.

Sister Moyano and I:

As for John. Well he is ready for baptism. We spoke in another ward yesterday and invited him to listen to us speak and he did. last night we went for another lesson and he was asking us questions like who is authorized to do baptisms and what time do baptisms happen. He is READY. But then he also asked who officiates the funerals... He is planning his funeral alreday.... crazy. But he is really solid and we are hoping that he can get baptised this week too! We are putting our faith out there.

Funny Food Corner: 
#1 - So we really have very interesting dinners lately I don't know why but hey so tuesday the dinner that we were late for had beef stroginoff, now I have heard about this before but didn't really know what it was... well I think sister P had 2 bites.. I had a bit more cause I really felt obligated to eat something but it really did not look or taste too good. And we had a strange dessert - strawberry-rubbarb pie... YUK. I never knew what rubbarb was, but its a bit tart... But so are the adventures of huntington. 
#2 - So we went to dinner with our 90 year old friend who is a strong roman catholic but she really wanted to feed us dinner so she made spagetti and meat balls :P Was really good!!! I loved it! but she made me eat sooo much and then she had not one but 2 deserts ready for us!!! :| I rolled out of that dinner appointment lol But it was good she also gave us food to-go.

Well there is much more happening but no time. I am so grateful to be a misisonary and to help these people to come to baptism I really know that faith works and that we can see miracles every day! 

PS I am eating fresh cherries almost every day! And bought RAW MILK I LOVE IT!!!! Jealous much?

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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