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Monday, 16 June 2014

Huntington News

This has been a crazy week! We are getting slightly overwhelmed with all the work out here. But it is good it keeps us busy. It is just sad when some of our plans fall through. Like we had a baptism scheduled for this last weekend. But he called us up on Tuesday and said that he was not ready that he doesn't have a firm testimony of the things we are teaching him, it sucks cause we cannot see him as often as we would like. Last week sister Phagwah and I needed to go on splits to cover more ground (which helped us teach 10 lessons in one day). So sister phagwah went to his lesson and I went to some less actives that we are progressively teaching. He is no longer on date but we hope that he will pray and find his answer soon.

Another of our investigators called us up and said that he had a questions for us. So we went and he asked if you are on parole if you can still get baptised. well the answer is no. Well he is really one of our super SOLID investigators and he is still on probation which we did not know about. well he is still moving forward. He is getting married next week which is great!! But his baptism has been postponed.... 

We have found 5 new investigators this week which was super! Some more solid than others I hope that we can keep them and help them progress soon. 

We are also teaching this 91 year old roman catholic, she is the sweetest old lady in town! every time she gives us some soda and a treat. She doesn't mind when we teach more about small things that we believe from the book of mormon. I don't think she will get baptized just yet but she is great! and might be feeding us dinner this saturday :)

We had zone conference this week in richfield, it was great! 3 Zones met together (cause the Price Zone is the smallest Zone in the mission and we make an odd number. we usually only have 2 Zones at Zone Conference) It was so great that we were able to see some old friends and also receive training from our loving mission president and his wife. They were also able to hear a solo by me ! WHAT?? How did that happen? well my lovely companion volunteered me to sing! and I thought well there are 3 zones there is bound to be someone else who will volunteer... nope. I got it and I sang be still my soul (quite appropriate for such an attempt) well I got a missionary that I have never met before accompany me she is one of our sister training leaders and I should be going on exchanges with her this week. Well, it went well she was able to transpose the notes to be a bit lower so I did not have to strain on those high notes. it was so good.

So funny food experience: So Since Sister Phagwah is allergic to pork we had beef hot dogs for dinner and it was so funny cause she was in HEAVEN lol she had 3 hot dogs (now just remember she doesn't eat much she is also a tiny lady) She even danced a bit in her chair cause she was getting seconds. It was so fun to watch!! 

Well Hope you all had a good Fathers day! We had 2 investigators with us at church that is like our substitute father for the day. one of which is john, he is still doing so great! He told us he is not ready for baptism this week, but he bought himself 2 new suit pants and shirts and ties for church when he was up in salt lake. We also taught him in the rain this week. he lives in a trailer (which is not a shack but its "getho" and so we teach him on his portch) and well we had a bit of a thunder storm ( nothing like in SA) but we taught for a whole hour with us getting slightly wet. It was fun. I love him so much and hope he strats progressing more, he has told us that when we leave his home he feels more peaceful amd calm - THE SPIRIT IS WORKING WITH HIM!!! we are so excited!

Well I just want y'all to know that i love you and I love this gospel. The atonement works! We do have to sometime patiently bare our afflictions, but as we use Pres Utcdorfs councel that if we are grateful and thankful in our trails and afflictions we will be blessed. Hope we can all find in ourselves and attitude of gratitude in our afflictions. and this will help us develop those Christlike attributes. Watch the talk here.

PS We saw an emu at a former investigators house :) and yes I got a hair cut and cut off almost all the blonde :| haha but at least its lighter in weight

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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