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Monday, 9 December 2013

SNOW!!!!! - Transfers!!!!!

So there is BIG NEWS this week!!!!
Last week it SNOWED!!!!

It was a pretty cold week, so this was Wednesday Morning.... Thank goodness we did not go to Cane beds like we planned cause it always gets more snow up there... BUT then on Friday when we
DID go out to Co city and Cane Beds This happend:

I will send more snow pictures in a follow up email :) It was crazy!!! And soooo FLUFFY I love snow!!! Ok I could do without the cold but it is sooooo cool!!! And I have not been in snow before so this has been an interesting experience. "Pump the brakes".

Oh we went to Zions last week :) We only had an hour there but it was still pretty!

As for transfers - They didn't do transfer calls on Saturday morning like they usually do so we were stressing the WHOLE day on saturday! it was crazy!!! But...

I am STAYING! and S Allen is going back to the Visitors Center! And serving in Washington with a sister that came out with me S Phagwah from some country in South America... Can't remember where... She is a cute little quite girl :)

My new comp is S Hee from Hawaii!!! I'm super excited!!!! But I'm scared because of change and I hope that I can remember everything about the area and things :) But it will be good I am sure!! It will keep me on my toes and extra excited for missionary work. I will stay Jnr Comp and She will be driving (which could be a good thing haha I don't trust myself on the right side of the road... and I sure don't trust myself driving in SNOW!!!) Though S Hee doesn't have much experience in the snow either so this should be interesting! =D

I am so grateful that I am able to be in this area! it is a special place and I love the people here! We got a new investigator this last friday! She is 9 yrs old and wants to get baptized!!! Problem is her family is not very active - so we are going to try work on that!!

We have a baptism this week - Which S Allen is super sad about... I would be too. This Lady is just amazing! I love her to bits!

Goal for this transfer is to keep a journal!! lol I have really been slacking on that part!

The spirit of Christmas is here in the Kaibab stake! I have been to 3 Christmas ward parties this week!! it was GREAT!! The Christmas devotional was also really good!! I would encourage ALL to watch it before Christmas. And to ask yourself What happened next???? And What can I give HIM this Christmas??? We give as a reminder of all the Saviour has given to us.

the Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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