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Monday, 23 December 2013


Just a short note to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Holidays ;) I hope that you all are having a great time, and remembering the True meaning of Christmas :)

This week has really been good, we had exchanges on Thursday and it was good always able to learn something. It was my first time out of my area!! It was so strange though, strange to be in more build up areas - so used to knocking on humble homes and Trailors. Not used to them richer people... But it was good. Good to see the work moving forward in that area :) Got to meet one of the Piano Guys Wives ;) The piano guy was not home but that was still cool :P Exchanges are good!! But I was still happy to be back in my area.

So we are teaching another Polygamist But he seems ready for baptism - besides the fact that he drinks coffee and likes tobacco every now and then. But we are working on him. Unfortunately the FLDS believe that Coffee and Tobacco are OK (all in moderation and just guidelines) So we are emphasizing that they are Commandments not just guidelines. We love our area though! We have sooo many people to teach all of a sudden. We also had a really good lesson with an Indian lady (American Indian) who knows very little about the Mormons! Like we did not know what to say when she said that and she is open to learn about jospeh smith and the Book of mormon. she has a goood christian background. I love her and her daughter already and want her to enjoy the blessings of baptism :)

So I have been sick this week. Not Fun. But the work moves forward! I am very grateful for members who earnestly strife to look after the missionaries. I got a medical kit yesterday lol. (will send pic next week as I left my camera at home).

So a fun one for the week. We tracked into a Jehovah witness this week and he used to be LDS and decided to be a preacher in the Southern Utah area because he knows the LDS faith. He also asked why are we serving in an area that is concentrated with LDS people....? Seriously??? Same reason you are there. Well we asked him if he has read and prayed about the BOM before and he says that he had Read it but he won't pray because that is like asking the Pope if he is Catholic. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!! Just Pray about it :D

I spoke in Fredonia 1st ward yesterday and it was such a good Christmas program - there were 5 speakers and 4 Musical items :) Sister Hee and I spoke for like 3 min each cause there was hardly any time.

We also want to start going back to the families that have given us referrals and let them know how the contact went. I love this gospel and there are so many who are prepared to hear the Good news that we have! We just need some faith on out part. Please trust the missionaries with the names of your friends. They are the servants of the Lord. We as missionaries are not perfect. You may need to remind them a few times about your referrals. (I hope that is not the case, but time does run away from us).

Well two thoughts for the week, comes from the Dec First Pres Message and Ensign:

"As a covenant disciple of Jesus Christ, you are obligated to extend to others an opportunity to find increased happiness, especially to your friends and the members of your family." - Pres Henry B Eyring -

"Christmas is a Time to share our gifts, strengthen others & do our part in the Kingdom of God." - Elder Robert D Hales -

Please remember the to give of yourselves this Christmas. I love you all and Hope you have a joyous holiday!

PS get to Skype Home on Wednesday!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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