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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

End of mine Epistle in Zion

1  And it came to pass that the mission of Sister Hollander in the West land of the Americas came nigh to an end. 
2  And as she looked upon her labours in the time that she had dwelt in this foreign land, she rejoiced for the many people she was able to touch and the many lives that touched her. 
3  For Behold the field WAS white and ready to harvest and lo, she thrust in her sickle with her might, and behold her harvest. 
4  But behold, as she bid farewell to those in the town of La Verkin she was sorrowed, for it would be a time before she would see them again. Yea, She was sorrowful unto tears.
5  And then She was comforted by her companion, Sister Massengale Which saith unto her, Sister, do not be sorrowful for you will speak to them again. Do ye not remember that it is promised in the land of eternal P-days that ye will be able to contact them frequently in the world of technology.
6  And thus her spirits were lifted and she was able to finish her labours, yea even unto the end.
7  And thus ended the mission of Sister Hollander in the Land of Southern Utah.
8  And it came to pass that I Sister Hollander was joyous in my labours. And I was desirous that I would dwell with them for another season. 
9  But the Voice of my Mission president came and told me it was the end, and admonished me that I would go home to the land of my forefathers and strengthen the church there. And thus it is. Amen.

Well as my epistle stated I is the end. Its has been a normal week only this time the end of each apt has been saying good bye to some of my favourite people! We aslo attended 2 baptisms this week. 

Jodi (8yrs old) 
And Emily (12 Yrs old) 

It was fantastic! I love them so much! It was the perfect way to end my mission! I have loved to be here. The mission has truly changed my life and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have also seen others change.

Even though I have been packing m "trunks" for the past 3 weeks I don't think I was too trunky... I have been working hard. I have also decided that I am no very good at saying good bye, but it hit me last night a bit. I still need to get rid of some junk to hit my weight limit. But goodness I struggled to sleep. 

I had my exit interview this morning. Can I just say that I love Pres and Sister Center! I am going to miss them so much! It was great to council with my mission president on life ahead.

I have truly loved my mission but I am also excited to get home - I think if I follow everyones advice I can make it home on thursday evening - all depends on making my connection in Atlanta.

Sorry if I did not email you today. I have a dumb PC that makes it hard to type the letter "t" grrrrr I will be on facebook on saturday again... and here are my Home details:

FB: Karen Hollander (Muldersdrift, South Africa)

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission

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