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Monday, 12 January 2015

La Verkin Specail

So I didn't leave enough time to email today... sorry.. think that's what happens when you get near the end of your mission... haha

  • Picked up a new investigator and as we were leaving he said "you both have good hand shakes have you ever considered arm wrestling?" HAHAHAHAHA i couldn't get over it for the rest of that day - made my day! And 
  • Picked up another new investigator within the same hour! Tender mercies!!!
  • We Have been able to take a misisonary that has been on medical release for a transfer out to lessons with us and she is fantastic!
  • Spoke in 2 wards yesterday they were both really good!
  • Had a Zone training last week and I got to pray and bare my testimony in afrikaans (Our one Zone Leader loves hearing to different languages and we are pretty Diverse so I got a call from him saying "do you by chance speak another language?" - Why yes I do! He then asked if I would pray in afrikaans and said it should be the opening prayer so it could catch people off gaurd haha and it did our senior couple said they thought they were loosing their hearing cause they couldn't quite catch the words I was using lol. But The training was fantastic - we have the best Zone!!! I love them! We had fun! we even played Missionary Tag!!!! Best game ever! (first time I have played it... lame.) And since it was my last Zone training I bore my testimony and surprising not too many tears but doesn't really seem like I am coming home soon.
  • We have decided we are allergic to walking days. I had another allergic reactiona and a big Migraine on friday after the training. I still don't know what I am allergic to though.
  • We are working SUPER Hard on the "Come and See" Open House - it is happening in two weeks. we are really excited! and a bit stressed and so got a blessing from the zone leaders and that was EXACTLY what we both needed - just a bit extra help and strength. I love the priesthood! Oh and we are thinking of getting an article in the news paper about it!
  • Tobi - from my first area - my first real baptism that I taught, is getting endowed and sealed on saturday!!! I am sooo excited! and My trainer is going to be there!!!! I miss her! SUPER excited for saturday!
  • Had a great lesson with an investigator yesterday - he really wants to be baptised but we got to get his parents active again. I am excited though cause it sounds like they want it too.
  • We found Grafton - the ghost town.
Our biggest problem we are having is getting our investigators to church.

This week we will be speaking in 3 wards thats going to be interesting. :D One of which is in Springdale and the other 2 are in La Verkin (30 min apart) fun times.

Something new we are memorizing as a mission:

"Nmember of this Church must ever forget the terrible price paid by our Redeemer, who gave His life that all men might live - the agony of Gethsemane, the bitter mockery of His trial,the vicious crown of thorns tearing at His flesh, the blood cry of the mob before Pilate, the lonely burden of His heavy walk along the way to Calvary, the terrifying pain as great nails pierced His hands and feet, the fevered torture of His body as He hung that tragic day, the Son of God crying out, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke23:34).
This was the cross, the instrument of His torture, the terrible device designed to destroy the Man of Peace, the evil recompense for His miraculous work of healing the sick, of causing the blind to see, of raising the dead. This was the cross on which He hung and died on Golgotha's lonely summit. We cannot forget that. We must never forget it, for here our Savior, our Redeemer, the Son of God, gave Himself, vicarious sacrifice for each of us." 
-President Gordon B Hinkley-
All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
Utah, St George Mission
881 South River Road
St. George Utah, 84790
United States

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