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Monday, 17 February 2014

Presidents day in ZIONS

Well Just as normal I do not have much time today - we are cutting it short so we can go to ZIONS national park :)

We are going with some members here. it's a public holiday and so they are taking the kids and we are hitch hiking.

We had a GREAT week!!! Wow really feels like forever ago but we got 2 NEW investigators this week! One that the Kanab sisters have been working with and the other is a native american that I feel is pretty golden! When we were visiting with her Sister Hee and I BOTH felt impressed to put her on date for baptism but unfortunately the conversation took a turn and we were not able to. Our Fellowshipper likes to talk ALOT. But it is good fun. But I think thanks to her we did have one of our Native American Investigators at church. We are teaching 3 and 2 were at church!! we are SUPER Excited!!! We hope to get more and more and eventually have a native american branch out there. but we also wasnt to have a branch in Co city and there are just not enough whites who live in Mocciassin itself to have their own ward without cane beds and co city so we may need to make some sacrifices. But I am really excited!!!

We had 5 investigators at CHURCH yesterday!!! And Wow we are excited that they are showing some commitment! Hopefully the others will soon follow. 

Well as for Sue (who I tried putting on date twice) she is definitely progressing!! I love her sooo much!!! Bishop has been able to work really well with her and Jim. He spoke to her about  baptism and how important that authority is. They have finally found Jims church records and he is a teacher in the Aaronic priesthood. Bishop has told Jim that after they meet that that they can speak about setting him apart as a priest and then he could baptize Sue. and now this idea has been mentioned a few times by the members around them and well I hope that they do not push her away. BUT she is still going to church so I guess not :) Holding thumbs for this week!!

So we had exchanges this week and we ended up having all 4 of us in the kaibab area, good thing we have two places where we could sleep otherwise we would not all fit in our lil apt. So Sister Sordes (From Tulus France) and I went to Cane beds and Sister Hee and Sister Davila stayed in Kanab.

Sis Sordes is AWESOME!!! I love her so much and well she does not have a licence at all and so I was the designated driver for the day! Ahhhh it was so scary to be driving again it has been so long! almost 6 months! But it was good! I only tried to put the clutch in once! haha :D It is strange driving on the other side of the road though.

All My Best,

Sister Karen Hollander
St. George, Utah Mission
107S. 1470E. Suite 304
St. George Utah 84790
United States

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