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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Pictures from Sister Hollander's Shenanigans (Posted by Deirdre on behalf of Karen)

Latex Larry

Standing by Latex Larry's car :P

We went up to one of our Bishops cabins in Long Valley. It was so beautiful!:

Jumping Photo - 01

Had to sneak a picture through the mirror to get a decent pic! Haha

Random llama in Co. City 

Jumping Photo - 02 (Can you tell I like jumping pics?)

Sister Hollanders first frosty!
(Selfie #01)

Beautiful sunset and being silly on the way to Colorado City:

Selfie #02

Jumping Photo - 03

Selfie #03
Sister Hollanders first time roasting hot dogs and smore's!:

Selfie #04

Hot dogs!

More Pics:

Selfie #05

Selfie #06

Selfie #07

Dear Sister Hollander
Thank you for all your jumping pics and selfies ;) !! 
We love them - keep them coming!
your sis (and everyone else)
Deidz :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sister Hollander, it looks like you haven't left home...except for the big cars and great wide open :p not karoo:)

    Well keep having those awesome missionary experiences. Will write soon. Fairley