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Friday, 6 September 2013

"Welcome to the MTC"

Good Morning From the MTC,

Thank you for all the emails!!! I don't think I will be able to reply just yet, but hopefully soon I have flagged them.

This place is HUGE! Over 4000 Missionaries!!

I was so blest  to have been able to go a day early and experience a bit of MTC life. I came in with a large group from the UK & Europe (representing England, Scotland, Wales, Spain & Norway) Most Going to the Greece Athens Mission!!! But they will probably only go into the MTC once the Elks come home. But was still great to meet them!! Sister Hall from wales was my temp companion for the day. It was so great we get to wear this orange dot on our badges to indicate that we are new at the MTC and EVERYONE says: "Welcome to the MTC" Most people hate it and after the first official day you can take it off but my comp and I are keeping it on =D But instead of saying "welcome" everyone tells us "you know you can take the dot off now" 
Anyway they just don't get it.

Some other things we are adjusting to is we cannot say "guys" and slang and stuff so we have to say "Elders & Sisters" its really hard but something you should try before you get out into the field if you are preparing. Another thing is no high fives or fist bumps in the MTC... its tough.

It is so bad you are just way too busy here to get home sick and sometimes they have to remind you to think of home. I'm the only one from Africa here that I have seen, and it is great! So far no really strange comments but had a few asking how many white are in South Africa.. People love my accent and I'm trying to keep it for as long as possible!!

Still one of the biggest things emphasized here is EXACT OBEDIENCE, I will confess that getting to bed on time with a bunch of sisters is tough!! Our days are packed as it is and we still try to get some journal time.

I was met by the sister training leaders of our zone on tuesday and they are super great! So much fun, and even though they had only been here a week they totally seem like they know everything. Hope that's me in a week!

The first official day was ROUGH!!! At the end of the day they split us into large groups and had a 'professional actor' in to portray being an investigator - they would give us a brief history then have some elders come and just gain trust of the investigator then had us jump in and try teach them what THEY needed to hear specific to them. It was really tough, especially since we were such a large crowd no one was unified in deciding WHAT we were going to teach or what questions we were going to ask. One of the investigators was just so bored and really not interested in what we were saying, He would not comment after anything we said and eventually was like "Why are you here? if you have nothing more to say the please leave" it was so tough one elder was inspired enough to then ask him what he thought he was worth. And all of a sudden he opened up - was amazing. 

My District is amazing!! I must say I pre-judged and thought they all looked a bit nerdy but they ALL have such powerful testimonies!! My companion is awesome!! Her name is Sister Riera She was born in Venezuela grew up in West Valley (Utah) and came now from a small town in Nevada. I love her to bits!! The Elders in our Distract are all going to San Jose California and Us 4 Sisters are going to St George =D

We are teaching our first investigator tonight. I'm kinda scared I don't think I am very prepared even after getting guidance yesterday.

I have not gotten mail yet, our district leader is the only one allowed to have the combination and he has not even gotten that yet... So hopefully will get them later.

So the Photos are HUGE I'm sorry I will make them smaller from now on.

My love and prayers are with Bro Chappie and my Dad who have had one or more operations.

Love you all.

All My Best,

Sister Hollander
Utah, St. George Mission

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